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My Sexy Saturday ~ Waiting For a Filly Girl ~ Damn, what a beauty!

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. 

Yep, I am now editing/revising my SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION Manuscript ~Waiting For a Filly Girl~ In this scene the hero, Drev, sees the heroine, Keina, for the first time. That is, in her human form. 

Tagline: Ex super-soldier boy meets winged filly girl. Will they live happily ever after? In Wolf Peak Territory anything is possible. 


Seven paragraphs ~ 

Chapter Three: His Libido Was Tormented Alright

What the 'f'...?! 

Early evening, and some woman knocked on his door in the middle of the big bad dark forest? Scat really...? 



Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

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First Chapter Revision ~ Waiting For a Filly Girl

Busy howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Yep, that is the constant theme of my life: BUSY, TOO BUSY. But no, I'm not alone since that's obviously true for most of us in these times. Chilly today on the tame prairie, but not wintry, which is a very good thing! 

Anyway, I got major revisions done on the first chapter of WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL. However, one hitch is, this chapter introduces the hero, Drev Zander. Fine, but I don't think it entices many erotic romance readers. So, I'm thinking of how to create a first chapter that will, hopefully, be more enticing. After all, Keina and Drev's love story is passion-flaming hot, hot, hot. 

Tagline: Ex super-soldier boy meets winged filly girl. Will they live happily ever after? In Wolf Peak territory anything is possible. ~A Paranormal Erotic Romance~ 


Wolf Peak Territory, Montana  
Before Thanksgiving, November 2015

Chapter One: White-Winged, Pale Purple Horse

Drev Zander aimed his hunting rifle, alerted by the telltale gobbles of a wild turkey. He followed the sound of rustling inside the densely woven wall of brush and branches.

As the young tom, knowing he was prey, broke into the clearing, Drev targeted the emerging flurry of wings.
About to the pull the trigger, his jaw dropped instead.

The rifle fell from his line of sight. "What the 'f'?" left his mouth as clouds of steam.

First, a giant burst of light struck his eyes. Next, a white-winged, pale purple horse galloped between him and the only turkey he'd been able to track for days.

Like mist, the beautiful ethereal creature vanished from view. Yep, gone in a twinkling flash. But not before Drev caught the scent of lilacs and musky equine.

The mix of enticing fragrances lingered. Staggered, he scanned the immediate area.

What the freaking hell had he just seen? Was the winged horse real? As in flesh and blood real?

Or was the delicately built horse, some ephemeral vision...or a strange, inter-dimensional intrusion into his reality. Mothman came to mind, given some believed the flying monster was from another dimension.

Damn, Drev glanced around again—a three-sixty degree spin. He wasn't a drinkin' man, except for a couple of brewskies during the weekly poker game at O'Malley's Gin Joint. And the malty Scottish ale he indulged in on Saturday night at Duff McDuff's old-fashioned tavern.

Nor was Drev into the dug scene. No way, no how. The enhancing drug concoctions used on him during his time as a super soldier had been devastating physically and mentally.

So yeah, Drev reasoned, this was Wolf Peak Territory, home of the shapeshifter crowd, and other assorted supernatural beings. A number of shifters were his close friends. He also knew about the Circle of Witches, the vampire dance partners at the supperclub. And, there was at least one cat goddess, and an Egyptian demigod.

But a purple tinted Pegasus who could obviously appear and disappear?

The local rumors about a nude purple fairy, Drev considered to be town lore. Hell, was he wrong?

With his advanced training kicking in, he re-ran the mystical-like event in his mind. He magnified every detail. That didn't help.

In stunned mode, Drev clutched his gun tight as he'd conditioned himself to do in any dangerous circumstance. Instinctively, he faded into the mid-afternoon shadows of the deep forest, a life-saving ability he'd fine-tuned while a special-ops soldier.

Yeah, before being hijacked into the super soldier program. That is, after he'd been dishonorably discharged from the military. Not following orders did that to a man.

As it turned out, no sweat off his brow. Drev had no stomach for killing the innocent, or collateral damage as they euphemistically called it.

Looking in the mirror was no problem either.

Still as stone, he waited, on watch for more high strangeness. His hunter's honed intuition buzzed like a swarm of pissed off bees. Or as his late Irish granny said, it was the "Sight."

Drev figured a conversation with dear gran on the other side was long overdue, given his flash-glimpse of a Pegasus. Not that she'd ever mentioned a winged horse.

Sure as the laughing devil himself, though, his gran had delighted in telling him *scare the hide off you* stories about the Kelpie, a horse shifter, and about the Each Uisge, a Highland supernatural water horse.

Waiting for the buzz to simmer down, Drev replayed the paranormal happening in his mind. Again. Yes, there had been hooves softly crunching on the frost-saturated leaves.

With his curiosity on fire now, Drev silently moved toward the huge thicket. His keen eye searched for hoof prints.

Dane, his mentor, who was a mountain man and a puma shapeshifter—and a longtime inhabitant of the surrounding territory—had taught him how to track any animal.

Currently, he and Dead Aim Dane, as the puma shifter was affectionately known, were partners in keeping Wolf Peak's animal life in balance. They also supplied fresh meat to Dante. The alpha werewolf owned the subterranean complex known as the Interspecies Pleasure Club, and his customers were always ravenous for wild game.

Hunkering down, studying the first hoof impression, Drev felt the rapid throb of his blood. Damn, excitement surged through him.

The land's subtle energies flowed inside Drev also, telling him more about her. Yep, the so-called mythical horse had to be a she, given her dainty structure, the refined shape of her head, and her lilac scent.

His split-second sighting of the Pegasus took over his mind's eye, and Drev realized the gorgeous creature's image had been burned into his brain like a brand—never to lessen or be forgotten.

On a tracker's intense high, he followed the outline of the winged horse's hooves. The length of her stride was longer than he'd anticipated, as if she floated.

Well hell, that made sense in a weird way.

About fifteen minutes later, Drev stood on the edge of a rock cliff that was miles above the autumn-gold valley floor. He stared into the magnificent blue Montana sky.

Scat! As Dane would say. Unless his girl Pegasus could transform into the one small puffy cloud...well dammit, she was nowhere to be seen.

Only her deep hoof prints remained in a soft layer of soil. Drev glanced down at the evidence of her existence—at the only sign she'd launched into the great blue yonder.

Winging where? he asked himself. Or had she merged with the very air?

Drev sighed and growled at the same time, his frustration sharp as a knife. He'd struck out twice today.

The wild turkey he hunted had been destined for his brother's Thanksgiving table. The young tom had been chased out of his flock, and now he'd likely be prime eatin' for a predator.

Drev stomped a boot on the rocky surface. With four kids and work sporadic these days, his brother and his wife hadn't been able to budget in the traditional feast.

Despite his live-off-the-land lifestyle, Drev could afford to help them out. However, there wasn't a Thanksgiving turkey to be found in the relatively new shifter town of Moonrise Lake. Certainly not an organic or wild game bird. Yeah, understandable, because no store dared offer carnivorous shapeshifters anything but high quality meats and poultry.

Drev slung his rifle over his shoulder. He surveyed the primal majestic scenery before him. This part of Wolf Peak Territory suited him just damn fine.

Keeping his ear to the wind, he listened for any sign of danger. Drev also tuned into the musical symphony of the forest, of the aspen-tree valley below.

Since arriving and deciding to stay, he'd come to understand this uncivilized enormous land reflected his character—what he was on the inside. Drev drew in great breaths of the cold crisp air, calming and energizing himself for the return trip home.

But dang it, he was worried about his brother, and his family. Not a week ago he'd trekked into the isolated town of Moonrise Lake from his mountainside cabin. Since Sean lived about forty minutes away, he'd arranged for boxes of groceries to be delivered.

These days Drev's only transportation was a snowmobile. And he liked it that way. Except in a helluva situation like this.

Yep, three strikes, he was out. And out of luck. As far as a holiday turkey dinner for his brother.
All because of a gossamer-like, winged horse most would consider to be mere hallucination...or a figment of their imagination induced by freezing your effing ass off out in the middle of the forest.

In Drev's case, his unusually rapid metabolism kicked in, and he stayed warm enough no matter the frigid temps. Oh yeah, he'd learned why—the hard, being-experimented-on way.

No thanks to the secret military's genetic scientists—funded by trillions of missing tax dollars—they'd traced it to his Celtic ancestors. Or the ancient lineage responsible for the legendary berserker warriors.

Double piles of scat! As Dane liked to say. Only God, and the denizens in hell, knew the soulless monster warriors his blood and tissue samples were likely helping to build. For that matter, had already genetically created.

Once, as he was being dragged back to a recovery room by two musclebound brutes—who believed he was still conked out—Drev had glimpsed row after row of nude men on hospital beds.

The usually barred door had been left open.

Using his peripheral vision, Drev mentally recorded the perfect soldier types, perfect because of their super-sized, GI Joe physiques. But shit on a stick, they'd looked like frozen corpses waiting to be animated.

Yeah, brought to life like sci-fi Frankensteins, no doubt they would obey orders without question, without sentient thought.

To clear away the nightmare-creepy remembrance, Drev shook his head vigorously. The moment he stilled, he felt invisible feathers caress his face.

Her wingtip feathers, the Pegasus girl?

Drev quaked inside. Could this be happening for real?

Paralyzed by shock, he felt the delicate sensation of feathers stroke along his cheek.

I am sorry, hunter, he heard inside his mind. I couldn't help myself. Her wingtip feather caressed him for several moments. Then. I didn't know you were feeding your family. 

Whirls of air brushed his face, and Drev knew she'd gone. He was alone again.

For a split second, he had to ask himself if he was lock-me-away delusional. Yet the truth was he knew better.

When he and Dane hunted together, they often communicated telepathically—the ability a natural occurrence between them.

Drev burned inside like a son of a gun. The Pegasus girl was a had-to-solve mystery. Now.

Besides, she not only teased his soul with her unique feminine voice, but triggered every male atom of him. His cock swelled, quickly becoming ramrod hard.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

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My Sexy Saturday ~ at his mercy


Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone.

This shapeshifter erotic romance is written from the hero, Trail's POV, and is packed with action and suspense. 


Seven X-paragraphs from STALLION OF ASH AND FLAME ~ 

Wanting her entirely at his mercy before he hauled her off to her bedroom, he seized her butt cheeks, lifting her so she wrapped her beautifully shaped legs around him and pressed her hot, plump pussy more snugly against his shaft. 

"Oh, god," she whimpered. "Your cock feels hard as steel." She strained, riding up and down his length as she could. "And hot as blazes." 


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

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Sheriff Roy hauled his butt out of his truck.

Sunny howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Yepadoodle, unseasonable warmth has taken over my tame prairie, and I'm lovin' it. 

This week's flash scene continues the love story of Sheriff Roy, ram shifter, and Xanya, a bobcat shifter. In this scene, Sheriff Roy speaks with Dante about who is after him, and why. Plus, he gets a bit of advice from Dante about romancing a feline shapeshifter. ~grinz~ 


Authoress news and mews ~ 

Plus, my shapeshifter erotic romance, WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL, is essentially done, and now the editing process begins. I sure would like a big ole miracle to happen where the editing is completed in record time. ~wish, wish~ 

Tagline: Ex super-soldier boy meets winged filly girl. Will they live happily ever after? In Wolf Peak territory anything is possible. ~A Paranormal Erotic Romance~ 


Sheriff Roy hauled his butt out of his truck. 

Satisfied no one followed him for the time being, Sheriff Roy hauled his butt out of his truck. Damn sure, he was under tech surveillance, though. Who wasn't these days?

Roy strode toward the side entrance of his nephews' ranch house, a large rambling structure. He rapped on the door, their code knock, in case either Dilesco or Zerlo was home.

Currently, they kept their trucks and cars out of sight, inside a huge unattached garage that also contained their ranching equipment. Nope, no answering knock. So they were out and about.

As he turned the doorknob, Buffster and Millie, his nephews' two Old English Sheepdogs, boomed several barks. Once Roy stepped inside, they wiggled happily, wanting his attention.

Roy gave them several pats on the head. "No one home, right?" With his hand on Buffster's neck, he headed for the dog cookie jar in the kitchen. Roy pulled out a couple of treats, tossing them in the air. Both sheepdogs leapt, their  big jaws snapping around the cookies.

Due to speak with Dante soon, Roy gave Millie and Buffster final pats. With his skin prickling something fierce—yep, his life was about to go into high strangeness—he walked toward the steps leading down to the basement. His nephews had transformed the sizeable area into a prepper's fortress. Recently, they'd finished the underground tunnel to Bunkerville—the immense, subterranean survival wing of Dante's Pleasure Club.

"Smart thinkin' in these troubled times," Roy muttered to himself, once he hit the bottom step. With his thoughts centered on the implications of being hunted by some hidden nefarious agency—and, at the same time, seeing the beautiful Xanya in his mind's eye, Roy strode inside the communications bunker.

The image of Dante on the room's large screen wasn't surprising. Roy had come to understand the alpha werewolf was purely amazin' in his abilities as the alpha-wolf leader of Wolf Peak Territory.

Most darn certainly, Dante's tech team, their accomplishments couldn't be beat. Roy knew that from prior experience.

He seated himself in the oversized swivel chair, and waited. Dante sat in his office working on something or other. The instant Dante glanced up, Roy greeted him with, "Howdy, big wolf man."

"Howdy, Sheriff." Dante imitated a drawl, then cracked a small grin. "You got the body size on me, ram man." His gaze changed, spearing Roy, but not with any measure of malice. "Mary Lou contacted. Said she spoke to you in town."

Roy gave a nod. "Sure did. What's your intel?"

"Seems like you boot-stomped on some tender toes." Dante's gaze intensified, his eyes glowing golden-hot.

"How tender?" Roy scooted forward.

"You remember a woman named Cindy Cantrell?"

"Yep. Let her go after one of my deputies brought her in on a warrant. Found out it was bogus."

"Yeah. That fang-hard figures." Dante paused and leaned forward. "The intel is she was a mistress to a senator in D.C."

"The Washington District of Criminals." Roy harumped. "She a whistleblower type?"

"She's been giving the cyber keys to the D.C. kingdom to the good-guy hackers, Anonymous. Seems the Hacktivists are having a field day unlocking all those dirty Washington secrets."

Roy slowly nodded, pondering on Dante's revelations. "No wonder someone has a serious gripe. What else you got, wolf man? I'm sensin' there's mountains more to this story."

Dante's expression became deadly serious. "Courtesy of Anonymous my cyber team has recovered files that contain beyond-top-secret info."

"Because of this Cindy gal...yep, figures they want to grease-skid me." Roy straightened, releasing the tension assaulting his shoulders. "Truth is, I don't know where this Cantrell woman is. But I'm bettin' they think I do. I put her up in a motel for the night. Next mornin', when I checked, she was gone."

"From what we've discovered, Cindy has disappeared into thin air. Poof." Dante gestured, and snapped his fingers. "Or, let's say this senator and his fed thugs don't know her location. They can't sniff out a trace of her. So far."

"What do your remote-viewing witches say? You have put them on the case, right, wolf man?"

"My Circle of Witches are on the case. But no results yet." Dante steepled his hands. "Too many other priorities right now."

"Yeah, understand that. I shouldn't have presumed. You got your plate overflowing with other 'situations'. Know anything about the men in black chasing my tail?"

Dante grinned real wide. "What we do have are those cooperating with them, the snitches in your office, and at the county jail. Those smartphones aren't so smart. Not with all the backdoors."

"Like how you work, wolf man." Roy memorized the photo images as Dante put them on screen. Afterward, he ram-snorted. "Looks like I got some house cleanin' to do. First though, I'll feed 'em false information."

"Keep me in the game, ram man. I can tell you the satellites my team is hacking aren't picking up the car."

"Means this is deep, deep, cloak-and-dagger territory. Could be if they stopped at a convenience store, we got a picture of the fed varmints. I'll put one of my interns on the local camera feeds."

"You need some extra protection, Sheriff?"

"Not for me. Not yet." Roy hesitated, and rubbed his chin briefly. "But for Xanya. She works at the diner. I just asked her to step out with me. The Saturday night barn dance."

Dante's eyebrows shot for the ceiling. "She's the portrait artist. White Fang is having her paint Pasha's portrait."

Roy raised his brows. "Haven't seen any of her work yet. She must be good if White Fang hired her." At Dante's very interested look, he added. "It's a recent animal-chemistry thing. Got damn well overwhelmed, and asked her out. Didn't want to, given our age differences. And..."

"And?" Dante's eyes glittered with amused curiosity.

"She's feline, a bobcat shifter. Never been relationship-tied to a cat before. Any advice?"

"Yeah, get to know her as a bobcat while in your human form. And," Dante grinned all too knowingly, "let her curl up against you whenever she wants."


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

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Valentine's Day Dream Date at the Amour Afire Nightclub

Shapeshifter lovers, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY... here's the third Valentine Flash-Blast from my past that was originally posted at the old ShapeShifterSeductions. 

February 11, 2014
Valentine's Day Dream Date at the Amour Afire Nightclub

Saldana let her feminine side have free rein. Positively giddy, she admired the red patent leather high heels then slipped her feet inside as if performing a ritual. She bent at the waist and caressed up her leg over the silkiest pair of stockings she'd ever owned. Gold and silver dusted, the sheer hose accentuated the shape of her calf.

Keeping her apprehensive thoughts at bay, Saldana straightened and gazed at her reflection in the full length, three way mirror that had been exquisitely crafted.  Everything about her room at the Interspecies Pleasure Club was classy in the extreme.

The alpha-wolf owner, Dante, possessed a reputation for exceptional quality -- that is, according to several of her new friends in Talbot's Peak. No stranger to elegant digs, still Saldana had been wonderfully surprised.

Smiling, reminded of times past, she'd spent an hour simply indulging in the loveliness of her surroundings, and in dark chocolate truffles infused with apple brandy.

Saldana stared, entranced by her reflection.  After a toss of her waist length hair, she smoothed her hand over her hip thoroughly enjoying the satiny fabric of her evening dress. The hot-pink number made her look like a sixties starlet yet flashier.

The ice-pink gems of her necklace, bracelet, and droplet earrings contrasted with her golden skin tone. Epona above, she felt ultra-bombshell sexy -- shades of her old, high-spirited lifestyle.

"Take my breath away," Saldana murmured, praying for a good date. On the heels of her words, she became acutely aware of how long it had been since she'd dressed for an evening out. Worse, for a date.

But then, her last date some two years ago on Valentine's Day... Saldana involuntarily shuddered. She nastily chilled down to the soles of her high heels. Grabbing large breaths, and grabbing hold of her composure, she steadied herself.

The nightmares still plagued her, and she still struggled to overcome being kidnapped. Or, in her case, filly-napped.

Instinctively, Saldana bared her teeth and her inner horse ears flattened. If she ever ran across that son of a flea-bitten nag who'd sold her to a Dr. Moreau mad scientist -- hell on a galloping hoof, she'd rip and bloody his hide whether in stallion or human form.

Instead of declaring his love for her, Mario had bargained away her hide to an entire group of the creepazoid psychos. She'd been drugged, crated, and shipped to their private, island of horrors -- somewhere in the Indian ocean. Saldana trembled.

"I'm safe." Saldana forced her lips to curl into a smile. "Safe,"  she whispered.

Determined to enjoy the Valentine's Day Dream Date she'd won for having one of the worst dates ever, Saldana shook off the painful memories. Using gorgeous posters, Dante had advertized the Pleasure Club's Heart Mate contest throughout Talbot's Peak.

The ten winners were to be wined and dined at the newest nightclub, Amour Afire, an elegant torch singer bar inside Dante's massive underground complex. Best of all, Gypsy Red Wolf and her witches circle were to be the matchmakers, conjuring up the perfect date for each winner.

How could a heart-lonely filly resist?


Zhor took a quick swallow of his Koval Oat Whiskey. Glass in hand, he strolled scoping out the lay of the land  -- in this case, the layout of the Amour Afire nightclub.

As an international security professional, or a mercenary for hire according to his enemies, it was second nature. It was survival.

Nose to the wind, Zhor checked for his arranged date. Covering his action automatically -- as he would on a mission -- Zhor tossed down another swallow.

The woman filly who crested his neck, flashed his tail, and raged his hormones to super stud would be walking inside the Amour Afire soon. Zhor wanted her scent filling his nostrils.

Snort and blow, anxiousness grabbed him by the balls. He cast another glance toward the club's entrance, a red and black swanky affair.  Given the night was still young, the patrons filtered in, all of them dressed to Parisian fashion standards yet with classic American glamor -- as Zhor thought of it.

He felt at ease, given his rescue and private protection missions demanded he adapt to any situation, be able to infiltrate any strata of society -- travel in every social circle.

As he watched and waited, Zhor's inner stallion shook his head, and pawed impatiently. From this day forward, he planned on moving heaven and earth to protect Saldana, as he'd done once before. Her sire had hired him and his balls-to-the-walls team, pronto, the instant his daughter failed to return home as expected -- some two years past.

Zhor chafed at the bit to geld the son of a dirty nag who'd betrayed Saldana. But he well knew the game of patience that life often required.

As it was then, so it was now. Her welfare remained his top priority. Ever since rescuing Saldana, Zhor watched over her from afar -- with her father's blessings.

Now... now Epona placed destiny in his hands. All he had to do was be her dream date.

With a gliding sensual gait, Saldana entered the nightclub. Zhor straightened to rigid attention, boldly eyeing his gorgeous woman filly. His stud desire galloped at full speed as she gave her golden-red mane a toss, then swayed in his direction.

The slide of the hot pink satin over her hips caused Zhor to nearly a gulp down his oat whiskey, the distraction needed if he was to remain gentlemanly. Caution, he warned himself.

Saldana's naturally high spirit had not completely returned, but remained dampened by the ordeal she'd endured before he could free her. Zhor scowled, immediately erasing his features as she caught sight of him -- of the telltale pink rosebud pinned to the lapel of his dark evening jacket.

She hesitated, but only briefly. Assuming an air of bravado, Saldana approached. Only the slight flare of her nostrils let him know how fragile she felt at seeing him again.

"Zhor." She breathed out his name, a sultry note in her voice. "You look as good in evening wear as in soldier of fortune fatigues." Before he could speak, Saldana stepped closer, and raised her gaze to his. "So, Gypsy Red Wolf chose you as my dream date. As I recall..." her tone hoofed him square in the flank, "after one kiss you rejected my advances."

"I did, mon cher." Zhor caught hold her hand, tightening his grip a bit when she resisted. With deliberate command, he raised her soft hand to his lips, and pressed a kiss on the indentation above her wrist. Then, he lingered a kiss on the center of her palm.

Feeling her melt toward him, Zhor grazed the underside of her wrist with his lips. Once her breaths quickened, and her pulse raced, he gently lowered her hand. "My Saldana, I did not want gratitude to blaze your passions. You must know such affairs often burn out -- the brief flight of a shooting star. I want much more with you."

"Do you?" she murmured a moment later.

Zhor watched as Saldana's dark golden eyes transformed from misty desire to sparking jewels. Her jaw firmed, and her lush lips thinned with determination.

Amused, Zhor released her hand as she gave a strong tug. "I do, filly mine. I want a much longer ride with you."

"The way you gallivant around the world... no." The next instant her demeanor softened, and sadness owned her expression. "Not to say I would want you to stop ... stop rescuing others. Never..."

"Saldana, it might interest you to know I have accepted a position with Dante. On his Security team, of course."

Confusion knitted her brow, then something faint flickered in the depths of her eyes only to be replaced by curiosity. "What changed? I mean... Dad, others have relied on you, and your team for so long."

Zhor didn't lie. He didn't need to. "The time comes when a man knows his path has run its course, Saldana. That change is his ally." Zhor offered what he hoped was a reassuring smile. "How about the pleasures of champagne to begin our evening?"

Saldana trembled before accepting his presented arm. All that mattered to Zhor was her small arm twined with his, and she moved beside him.

"Are you so certain about changing your course?" Uncertainty rang like a bell in her voice.

"If I may also confide, such adventure no longer calls my name." Zhor felt his woman filly's tension ease, and knew she had accepted him at his word.

"The team? Does Dad know?" she asked, sidling closer to him.

"Yes, your sire knows, my Saldana. The team is very much operational -- in the capable hands of my younger brother, Zherxes."

"Ah, perfect. Well then, let's see how good you are at being my dream date." Her tone challenged and teased.

Zhor's inner stallion kicked up his heels.



Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side 

of Romance ~

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Playing Cupid at the Pleasure Club

Shapeshifter lovers, just 'cause I'm in the mood, here's another Valentine Flash-Blast from my past that was originally posted at the old ShapeShifterSeductions. 

Also... Authoress news and mews ~ 

The Kougar is finishing the last paragraphs of WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL, her WIP starring Keina and Drev. 

Tagline: Ex super-soldier boy meets winged filly girl. Will they live happily ever after? In Talbot's Peak territory anything is possible. ~A Paranormal Erotic Romance~ 

And likely she will sign up for the linky blog hop MY SEXY SATURDAY at and will be posting at TITLE MAGIC ~ 


February 15, 2011
Playing Cupid at the Pleasure Club
Almost full-moon howls, shapeshifter lovers. So, I was suddenly struck by the idea of a cupid pretender. Maybe, my muse considered it to be a good ha-ha jest and she shot one of those Valentine’s Day arrows through my writer’s brain. But then, I always have been overly curious. What would it be like to play cupid? Sorta...

Playing Cupid at the Pleasure Club 

Sliding deeper into the steam-hot, bubbly spring water, Kessi muttered, “Playing cupid isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.”

Why she’d ever let Pietro, a full-fledged cupid, talk her into taking over part of his flight route on Valentine’s Day...well, all too obviously, she’d been a gullible mark. Fun, he’d said, and oh-yes! Oh-so joyfully rewarding. In her defense, Pietro did own a silver tongue and could sing so beautifully Kessi vibrated to the ceiling every time.

And, okay, so some of the couples she’d arrowed had made her own heart all shimmery with delight. While invisibly hovering above them, she’d been filled with an utter sweetness and a lightness of being, as she watched them realize their love for each other.

Still, Kessi hadn’t been this frazzled and definitely undazzled for a long, long while.

Momentarily rising, she shook her small wings like a songbird, then folded them against her back. Luxuriating, she gazed around the love-nest room Dante had provided for her.

The werewolf had caught her shooting a heart-activating arrow at that humping-wild beast called Nick. Well, sigh-sadly, although her aim had been true for the rest of her Valentine’s Day targets, she’d only managed to deliver the pink-fire potion to Nick’s rump.

At the last second, the crazed werewolf had triumphantly raised a wooden ruler. Why, she wasn’t exactly sure, except it had to do with some manner of bizarre sex fetish.

Her archery expertise had been foiled. The arrow glanced off the ruler, boinged off a mirror, flashed off a glass window. Then, the tip stabbed into the thickest part of Nick’s left butt cheek.

Some part of Kessi had secretly hoped, as she watched the pink-fire pulse streak toward Nick’s backside, that it would strike one of his furry swinging nuts. Alas, her curiosity about the consequences of love-arrowing a male’s family jewel remained unsatisfied.

Scissoring her legs, Kessi delighted in the over-large, brass tub that had been designed to look like a blooming tulip. Given she was a fae-angel, she’d adored the flower tub and the pillow-opulent room on sight.

Dante had appeared pleased with her air-whirling gratitude, and the tiny kiss she’d pressed to his cheek for his obvious generosity. He’d even had a fruit basket delivered by a polite beta, proving he knew what her kind preferred to eat.

Kessi shimmied her petite body, and let her eyelids drop shut. She yielded to the warmth deliciously seeping into every muscle and tendon. So what, if the werewolf merely wanted her to spread the word about his pleasure club. Right now, his hospitality was exactly what she needed.

How long Kessi floated, drifting in and out of a light slumber, she didn’t know. She only knew the fragrance of daisies, her favorite flower, misted inside her nostrils from all the petals she’d strewn in the swirling bath water.

“Lovely one.”

Startled out of her dreaming reverie, Kessi splashed like mad as she attempted to sit up. With her soaked wings flapping, spraying droplets of water everywhere, she grabbed the edge of the tub to push herself up, and make her escape.

Instead, she met chocolate-brown eyes that glowed with what could only be called extreme desire. She also smelled the oak-tree, potent blood of a fae man. However, not a full blood.

“I am Zhallin.” He offered a nut-brown hand as if he would assist her out like a gentleman.

Kessi stared at his slim, but strong hand, and knew what House of Fae he belonged to. Unless he was estranged, or had been banished from the Scottish Highlander clan.

Inwardly, she sighed. There was no need to ask how he’d gotten inside her room. He’d simply phased through the wall as she could do -- but, would not have done.

“Your ethics are not to be admired. You were not invited,” she tartly snapped. Shoving herself upward, she managed to slide down the tub’s tulip-petal side.

“You would have invited me. If you had known about my presence.” His cock-of-the-walk tone grated on every fibre of her being like a badly played harp.

As she began to slip on the wet tiles, his hands surrounded her waist, steadying her. With her wings still too wet for a fast getaway, and her phase ability sluggish, Kessi zapped his hand.

The sparks from her fingertips bounced, probably only tickling him. Drat!

“Copper,” he explained, amusement coloring his voice.

“Oysters?” she swiped, then resisted the urge to fight his hold.

Her wings would serve her well if she could stall his lust, as evidenced by his trunk-like cock.  With only the thin suede of his breeches between them, it happily leaned like a tall piece of lumber against the curve of her hip.

“Oysters with parsley, thyme, savory,” he poured into her ear, “all foods high in copper.”

“Fleeing from giants...are we?” Kessi eyed the copper cuff bracelet he wore, and noticed the copper studs lining his knee-high boots.

“Giant hunter.”

Kessi stilled, and became so unmoving she couldn’t feel the rise and fall of her breath. Only the bravest of fae, and other kindred beings, hunted rogue giants.

“I don’t intend to become a giant’s hors d'oeuvre,” he added.

“No,” she murmured, knowing giants avoided copper like the plague. There was another thing Kessi knew as her blood hummed quicker. He told no falsehood. “Let me go,” she calmly demanded.

“You have the most beautiful gold and white wings, lovely one. I could stroke and kiss each feather.”

His breath hotly fanned her ear as he caressed her waist. Even though, his touch was compelling, almost arousing, Kessi folded her arms. She tightened her jaw with resolve.

“Lout. You’re interrupting my time of much-needed rest. I’ve spent all day flitting about the, to bring love into bloom,” she hesitated, since she’d promised not to reveal her cupid like activities to anyone. Dante had seen her, so that didn’t count.

“I promise to make you bloom. Several times.”

His seductive growl clued her in, as did his feral mating scent. A wolf lived inside him. Could he shift?

Kessi dismissed her curious thoughts. “You’re forcing me to use the last of my energy to escape you. Go...go kill some giants.”

He stepped back so fast, Kessi swayed slightly. She clutched the tub’s rim, her head awhirl. And, to her surprise, her body complained about being abandoned.

“Forgive me, lovely one. I misunderstood my cousin. He told me to guard you.”

When he paused, Kessi gazed at him fully. Entranced by his magnificent mane of seal-brown hair, she stared. It was so glossy and thick in texture, she had erotic visions of it gliding all over her.

After sweeping a low bow, he took another few steps back. The glow of his eyes dimmed as he fought to control himself.

“Guard me?” Kessi swallowed, and didn’t loosen her grip on the rim.

“Yes.” He loosed a ragged and hungry breath. “I believed Dante meant that you wished to be -- pleasured. I realize now, he meant for me to watch over you. Protect you.”

“Oh.” Kessi’s head hadn’t stopped whirling. “This is a Pleasure Club. I guess I understand why you believed...” Her words deserted her.

“May I sing you into slumber? I know the ancient songs.”

His sincerity rang through her, the crystalline tones of an angel’s bell. Kessi nodded after a moment, then offered him her hand.


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side 

of Romance ~

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Lonely Hearts Club and the She-Wolf

Shapeshifter lovers, here's a Valentine Flash-Blast from my past. I was searching for images, and found my own flash scene at a blog I used to post on regularly, called the HAPPILY EVER AFTER blog This scene was also written during the old timeline prior to Wolf Peak Territory.

ALL LOVE ~ Savanna Kougar 


Belated Happy Valentine's Day from ShapeShifter Seductions

Here's a flash scene I wrote for Valentine's Day at the Midnight Stardust Supperclub.
The Lonely Hearts Club and the She-Wolf 

"Lonely Hearts Club," Sarielle whispered once she mentally translated the words from her language to the planet's American English language. "That's me."

Ever since leaving on this intergalactic tour of other wolfen shapeshifter worlds, Sarielle had practiced speaking the various languages while studiously learning about the many different cultures. Now she glided along the fringes of the supperclub's dance floor.

Whirling embraced couples, all of them in what she identified as a deep romantic trance, danced to a type of music she found heart-stirring and pleasurable. The playful but elegant notes made her feel deliciously supple.

Sarielle also listened to the lovely silken swish of her long gown as she approached the special area where men, all in full humanoid form, and clothed in what were called tuxedos, took turns partnering the women who, like her, obviously had no man or mate in their life.

What she thought was called a midnight buffet had been placed in this Lonely Hearts Club area. As well, sparkling beverages of all kinds spilled into stemmed glassware. Her nose inhaled a feast of fragrances, especially the quite virile man who began striding toward her as if he'd caught her scent and now hunted her.

Maybe he did. He certainly had the handsome build and the powerful loins of a hunter. Although, Sarielle couldn't distinguish his wolf kind by his smell or his, to her eye, spectacular humanoid appearance.

Further, she wasn't entirely certain of all the dating and mating customs in this geological region on Earth. It had been a constant confusion she'd been unable to sort out during her culture-learning sessions.


Dante had carefully explained about the three extraterrestrial she-wolfs that would be joining the Valentine's Day extravaganza at the Midnight Stardust Supperclub. At first, Dh'liam had believed his cubhood pal was pulling his hind leg. It wouldn't be the first time. They'd pulled about every prank imaginable on each other, almost to the day Dante had roared out of Talbot's Peak on his Harley.

Several weeks later, Dh'liam had taken to the back roads on his Harley, determined to explore the vast areas of America that remained mostly uninhabited. What he'd discovered and experienced could easily fill a set of old-fashioned encyclopedias. Now for the sake of his pack, and for those who lived in Talbot's Peak, he'd returned to make certain they remained protected from the monstrous evil he'd encountered -- far beyond the tiger shapeshifter, Shere Khan, and his Yakuza ninjas.

However, at this moment in time, all he wanted to do was protect, and dance with the magnificent she-wolf beauty of extraterrestrial origin. The instant, he glimpsed her heart-shaped face he'd loosed an inner howl, while his cock straightened like it was cupid's drawn arrow.

The otherworldly woman-wolf possessed a petite and svelte figure beneath her fluid, backless peacock-blue gown. Yet more impressive to him, her lithe muscles were power-packed strength, and he knew she could run like the wind.

What captured his notice first was her tumbled wealth of hair, most of it piled artfully on top of her head. At the time, she'd had her back to him, and he'd stared at the cascading curls of rich dark russet, unable to move.

When she'd finally turned around, and lissomely moved in his direction, Dh'liam had forced himself to halt in his tracks. He'd had to fight the urge to stalk her, nip-kiss her neck, then sink his fingers into her tresses.

Determined she would not be leaving his hunter's sight this night, he'd strode toward her. Eyes that were a gorgeous burnished gold followed his progress, and they both halted within a few feet of each other, their gazes fastening on each other.

Without hesitation, he offered her a slight bow. Not one that would take his gaze off her, however. "I am Dh'liam. Welcome to Earth. Welcome to Talbot's Peak. Welcome to my arms. Or, perhaps, you would prefer something to drink and a bite to nibble on before we dance."

A smile teased the corner of her bow-shaped mouth, and he couldn't help but ravish her lips with his gaze. At the same time, she offered her hand to his, the one he'd extended without thinking about it. With a grace he'd rarely known, her hand alighted on his, and Dh'liam held on as if she were his next breath.

"Dancing in your arms is quite delightfully acceptable, Mr. Dh'liam. My feet are anxious to enjoy the dance floor. I am called Sarielle for short." She paused, her eyes pure sparkle. "Is that how you say it?"

"Sarielle," he savored like a meaty bone. "Would that be considered your first or familiar name, my beautiful she-wolf?"

Her puzzled frown halted every cell in his body. "I can't sniff you. You are a wolfen shapeshifter?"

"I am. But I have learned how to hide my scent. A long story," he added. Howls! the love trap had sprung, and he'd been caught. And Dh'liam wasn't about to chew a hunk out of his heart to escape. No way on the Mother's green earth.

"Ah, you hide your scent from enemies. I understand. Sarielle is my chosen name, a first name as you would call it in your culture, Mr. Dh'liam."

He drew her closer. He couldn't resist. "It's just Dh'liam, or Liam, as my friends often call me." When she cocked her head in apparent confusion, he continued. "It's a family name. No Sam, Dave or Harry in our pack."

"Your touch is pleasing, Dh'liam." Her tone was a soft sultry growl, and she moved closer so they were mere inches apart.

With her enchantingly exotic face nearly beneath his, Dh'liam realized she now stood on tiptoe. He felt the heat of her loins against his. Her mating fragrance seared his nostrils. And, as he swept his arm around her slender waist, he became aware the big band era music was transitioning into the romantic strains of a waltz.

"Do you waltz, Sarielle?" he thought to inquire like a gentleman.

"You lead, and I'll follow. We often dance on the galactic cruise ship."

With a low raw growl only for her ears, Dh'liam swung his she-wolf among the other dancers. True to her words, Sarielle matched him effortlessly, and he whirled them around the dance floor in time to the moonspun music.

Her strength flowed against him, a grace he'd hungered for, and never known it until now. Now, this very fierce moment of knowing what he'd needed, what he wanted.

So, Dante had been right in insisting he refresh his ballroom dancing skills. Dh'liam even mentally thanked his sire and dam for all the lessons they'd made him endure over the years, given his family believed in a formal presentation of themselves at times.

As the tempo of the music slowed, she allowed the tightening of his arm. And, when he wrapped both arms around her, she draped herself against him. Her small, long-fingered hands stroked the back of his neck before she laced her fingers, and held onto him tightly.

The thought of her pressed against some other man, regardless of species, boiled Dh'liam's blood. He leashed his stud-possessiveness, willing his focus on Sarielle instead.

He listened to the quickening of her breaths that were almost wolfen pants. He listened to the rapid passionate beat of her heart. He felt the way her loins cradled the large bone his cock had become, and wished it would last forever.

"I crave fresh air," she murmured toward his ear, once the music faded.

Immediately, Dh'liam eased her against his side, escorting her to one of the tunnel exits that led to a small clearing, one surrounded by a stand of majestic fir trees.

"Will the cold temperature bother you, my beautiful she-wolf?"

"I am from a colder region. It will feel refreshing, Dh'liam. Besides, I will depend upon your arms around me."

Once they stood outside in the crisp winter air, she snuggled against him, her cheek pressed against his love-struck, fast-pounding heart.

"Lonely Hearts Club?" he asked, hoping against hope.

Sarielle had been headed toward the area that Dante set up for the women who arrived alone and wanted dance partners. Even though, Dante had explained about their extraterrestrial visitors, he hadn't said if they were unattached, un-mated.

Now Dh'liam had to know.

"Yes, I am a lonely heart." She hesitated, and he felt her quiver in his embrace. "I had a husband..."

"Had a husband?" he roughly barked out as he instinctively clutched her closer against him.

"We were matched. We were to be mates." She shook now, and Dh'liam knew it wasn't because of the cold.

"What happened, Sarielle?" His hands roamed her back, reflecting the urgency he felt like sparks of fire throughout his entire body.

"I was not a good mate to him... I tried. But it was so... ho-hum, I believe you would say."

Dh'liam wanted to laugh, to bust a gut with his howls of laughter. Instead, he buried his nose, his lips in her hair, and wrapped himself around his she-wolf. Somehow, some way, he could convince her to stay with him on Earth. He would convince her to be his mate -- he would convince her that he would never be a ho-hum husband.

~ Have a Magickal Valentine's Day ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

...savor her bubbly euphoria...

Happy Valentine's Day howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Yes, this coming Sunday is the chocolate-kisses day of love and romance. Of course, there are major romantic doin's in Wolf Peak Territory, and erotic passions of every type and stripe happening at the Interspecies Pleasure Club. Use your imagination. ~naughty grinz~ 

In this flash scene, we get a further glimpse into Xanya, Sheriff Roy's heroine. 


...savor her bubbly euphoria... 

Xanya hissed a sigh of relief as she stripped off her waitress uniform, tossing each piece of clothing into her laundry basket. Until she stood naked. Her body tingled in that familiar way, wanting to shift to bobcat, since there was a definite chill in the area that served as her bedroom.

Oh yowls yes, she did need a good winter run and romp through field and forest—work off her feline energy, enjoy nature as her cat self. But the duties of life called. And she wanted to savor her bubbly euphoria. Sheriff Roy had asked her out.

Upon entering the two-story brick building—which had once been an old-fashioned five and dime store—Xanya had upped the thermostat. The gurgle-pops of sound let her know the heating system kicked on. When out for extended periods, she kept her place on the cool side during cold weather. No use wasting heat as her mother would say.

With only her sizzly glow over Roy warming her, Xanya walked over the thick wool rug toward her large shower stall. Quickly, hot water steamed up the inside, and she stepped inside.

How dreamy could a bobcat girl get over a man, a man that was a ram? Well, rawrrs of happiness, she'd found out. Dreamily, a smile curving her lips, Xanya slowly spun beneath the shower. She imagined what would happen between her and Roy at the Saturday Night barn dance.

She knew it was downright foolish, given her dating life, to let herself giddily indulge in a romance that hadn't yet happened. But she couldn't help it.

What to wear? Different scenarios montaged through her head.

Should she go cowgirl chic, wear ass-hugging jeans? Should she dress as some of the gals, in various square-dance costumes, the ones with the full-flying skirts? Or, should she dress like a southwestern senorita? Xanya adored the colorfully trimmed blouses and skirts—the silver and turquoise jewelry some of the women wore.

During the evening, country and western music, current to the earliest songs, were played, unless the crowd favored one type over the other. Square dancing took a turn in the middle of the dance. And later, so did Mexican Mariachi music.

Xanya loved it all. She'd enthusiastically wiggled, whirled, and danced to any and all kinds of music since earliest childhood. No matter if she possessed a talent for that form of dance, or not. Okay yeah yowls, she'd learned soon enough that comic relief was a good thing, at times, when growing up. Often she'd exaggerated her bad-dance movements for laughs.

Although, she'd discovered where she excelled, given her parents spent a small fortune for dance lessons. That, and for art lessons.

Or... maybe she should wear one of her slinky exotic dresses—she had a whole collection. Her feline nature demanded it. Mmm...mmm, did she absolutely love sensually swaying her body...feeling the silky fabric slip and slide over her skin.

Oh yeah rawrrr, slink and cat went together like the fish and chips at the Ye Olde English Pub, one of her favorite places inside the Pleasure Club.

Xanya finished rubbing in the gentle shampoo, then rinsed her hair. Afterward, she let the fast-beating water pummel her face.

What would Roy prefer she wear? As she figured it, he'd want something pretty and feminine, with a skirt...if she was judging him right. Although, he didn't seem like the type of man who would find a girly-fussy outfit all that appealing.

But who knew for certain? Xanya rumbled one of her bobcat sounds, and shut off the shower. Unbidden, certainly not unexpected, images of Roy—in all of his tough-as-rawhide yet stern-jawed glory—crowded her mind.

Xanya reacted, sexily shaking her hair. The wet heavy strands merely slapped her face, and she bent over wringing out the excess water.

Oh, she'd made inquiries about Roy, and gotten nowhere, as far as his taste in women, and what they wore.

Obviously though, with their attraction for each other *off the sex charts*, that info wasn't needed now. Still, some part of her thrilled at the idea of dressing to please him—and dressing to turn him inside out with red-hot passion. For her. Only for her.

Xanya toweled herself off, appreciating the extra fluffy texture of her giant-sized towel. A creature of comfort and luxury, at least when it came to a few things in her life, like the fabrics around her, and her spare furnishes—Xanya always sought out the best she could find, and afford. The rest of her earnings went into art supplies, and saving her own gallery.

Speaking of, Pasha's portrait called. White Fang, the super wolf reporter, and owner of the town newspaper, had hired her to paint a portrait of his *Egyptian cat goddess* lover. The woman side of Pasha, that is.

The sultry-eyed beauty had been cooperative in posing, then in providing a photo to work from. But progress had been slow, even if an *in the zone* magic seized Xanya whenever she put brush to canvas.

Grabbing hold of her thick, velvety, ivory-colored robe, Xanya shimmied into it, then slipped her feet into the matching slippers. With a giddy spring to her step, she moved into her simple kitchen, and put the pot on to boil. A cup of catnip tea would soothe and revive her.

Since she'd already eaten at the diner, and had brought home supper for later, she'd enjoy her hot tea, and mentally prepare to paint. Moving into her living room, Xanya sat on her small sofa. She tucked her legs beneath her, then picked up her freshly brewed catnip tea.

Holding the cup between her palms, she took tiny sips, relishing the steamy fragrance. The pile of unopened mail she'd thrown on the small, block-shaped coffee table, caught her eye.

High-as-a-cloud over her date with Roy, she hadn't bothered looking at any of it. Besides, she'd wanted a relaxing shower first.

Now, the invitation to her friend's Valentine's Day party grabbed her attention. Did she dare think/plan about Roy...the two of them being together, and attending?

Even if...somehow she didn't see Sheriff Roy disco-dancing the night away. Okay and growl-yowls, the party was on Saturday night...and V-Day was on Sunday this year...and no way! was she missing her dearest friend, Lillethia's disco hearts extravaganza...and...

Xanya sighed. She sipped the last of her tea. Realistically, she'd have to cross that Valentine's Day bridge if and when...oh, she so hoped... her heart thumped in agreement.

About to rise from the sofa, Xanya fell backward. Almost dropping the china cup, she managed to grip it tight as a slender thread of pain cut through her head.

She knew this pain-episode all too well. The psychic vision unfolded before her mind's eye.

A sinister black car...two men in black suits...they stalked Roy...the scene changed... attired in full sheriff garb, Roy stood in front of a group of unfamiliar buildings... buildings that would have belonged in a small-population city... a bullet whizzed toward his head... silvery dark, and streaking, she didn't see the bullet strike... she did see the shooter behind him.

"No!" The horrified whisper fell from Xanya's lips. "Roy, no!"


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


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Saturday, February 6, 2016

My Sexy Saturday ... Their mated connection...

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. 

Yep, I'm still working on the last chapter(s) of my SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION *WIP* ~Waiting For a Filly Girl~ This last scene is Keina's erotic gift to her hero, Drev, and takes place inside the infamous Interspecies Pleasure Club, where they have their own personal suite. 

Tagline: Ex super-soldier boy meets winged filly girl. Will they live happily ever after? In Wolf Peak Territory anything is possible. 


Seven X-rated, unedited *sentences* from Chapter Fifty-six ~ 

Drev rode his woman for a long time... 



Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance