Sunday, October 18, 2020

Halloween Naughty Pinups & Sexy Men

In Wolf Peak Territory

Paranormal-Passionate 'Howls and Yowls', shapeshifter lovers!

Indeeedy, a whole lot of lusty howling, yowling, and growling happening in the Peak during these October days! Okay, in this 2020 witchy season many of the shifter/supernatural ladies are expressing their sexy-wild side with pinup style photos and fantasy art. It's become a thing. alright. 

Meanwhile, the shifter/supernatural men are also featured in all their alpha-handsome glory. Yep, Halloween eye candy for All.

Want to pet my pussy? 

 Welcome to my All Hallow's Eve Lair

 Come, taste my potent witch's brew. We'll fly to the Full Moon this Halloween.

The Magick of My Passion, Beloved. Come to me. 
Wanna very good-time Halloween. Be the broomstick between my thighs.

My inner wolf howls only for you, beautiful woman.
Take me to the moon, my sexy lion cowboy. 
 We'll run the forest together, my chosen mate. 

Wanna play in my pumpkin patch, big bad wolf? 

Magickly seeking you, the one who belongs to me as I belong to you. 

This witch girl wants to ride you instead of her broom, my black wolf stud-man.

Her black wolf stud-man.

Come carve my pumpkin tonight, bat man. I'll be waiting, my super hero.

Celtic stag shifter looking for a bride to share life with in Wolf Peak Territory.

Just for you, my panther man. Strip me with your fangs and claws.

Fantasy portrait of a shaman leader in the Peak.

Monster Slayer For Hire. I'll tame that monster in your pants, wolf man. Promise. 

One sexy natural and supernatural healer, alright. He's recently arrived in the Peak. 

All aboard the steampunk broom-train. This fantasy witch has a ticket for the right man. 

The Dark Sorcerer of the Peak. All his magickal spells are for Good, however.

Do you need the right witch to perform a cleansing ritual for your lair, your home? I have White Sage and a Hoover, will travel. 

Handsome elf warrior and scholar, with others he has opened his Ancient Mysteries University. 

Wickedly sexy, is this what you want, my tiger-god man?

Phantom of Your Opera. Only a gentle bite from a Vampire playing on the Good Side. Dance with me at the Midnight Stardust Supperclub.

Your old-fashioned fantasy witch. Let's fly the cosmic skies together, my purrfect lover. 

Fancy a workin' cowboy, ma'am? 'Cause, I sure do fancy you, my beautiful filly shifter. 

Your dungeon or mine, handsome wolf lord?

He arrives for a visit to the Peak, the carnal angel son of Sedona and Volcano, the heroine and hero, from my erotic romance, WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS.

Run on the Wild Side of Romance  


Savanna Kougar

Monday, October 12, 2020

Medieval Princess Days In Wolf Peak Territory

During the Autumn Equinox 

Happy Autumn *Howls andYowls*, ShapeShifter Lovers! 

In this year of 2020, once again, the Queen of Autumn--as she is now lovingly called in the Peak--makes her appearance. She, like many others have decided they will celebrate this Fall season--that is, by attending the numerous Fall Medieval festivities and faires, and by wearing those gorgeous medieval gowns. The men won't be left out, dressing in fancy fantasy medieval garments. 
Note: I tried my best to get this blog done on the September 23rd, but nope--not to be. 
Additional note: And here it is the October 12--just way too many interruptions. However, I think the long flash scene between Sondi and Big D definitely benefited.  

Autumnal Equinox 2020 Forecast: The coming dark of Fall, a time for harvest, of preparing for winter's harsh ways. This is also a time to connect with your deeper Divine self, thus to harvest the new wisdom gained throughout this tempest-tough year. 
And as always, connecting with the Divine Force is needed sustenance for your eternal soul.
 As always, it is time for rest when the darkness of the winter season holds us like a comfy blanket. During this slower pace, we entwine and integrate our new wisdom.
Yes, it is always wise to use your experiences, your greater knowledge as the path forward, especially during this Time of the Great Unraveling. Now, in the dark womb of Creation we are able to transform ourselves for the uncertain-chaos future we are All about to face.  
As we move forward into the new resurrecting light after the Winter Solstice, use your spiritual awareness, acquired during the year, to overcome the many obstacles that will be hurled before us--to be compared with the enormous concrete blocks only giants can lift. 
Our opportunity as the human family is to create the world anew. The opportunity is for every individual to contribute, to bring forth their dream-vision.  
Together, we will bring forth the Aquarian Age of true peace, real freedom, and prosperity for All.
 Yes, as a continuation of my current WIP staring Sondi and Big D, I will be writing another flash scene for this blog
Below is an image that closely resembles my heroine, Sondi. Her hair is a lighter shade with golden highlights. 
Yep, Big D discovers how much Sondi adores Medieval gowns when they go shopping at the massive Pleasure Club, the many malls inside. 
 First though, Big D realizes more about Sondi's real heritage. 
Pure anticipation roared through Big D like a big ole rushing river. He knocked on the door of Sondi's living quarters--near the stables. 
Courteously, he called out, "Sondi, are you ready for our shopping adventure?"
"Almost. Come on in." From the sound of her voice, she was in the bedroom. 
Wisdom prevailed. Earlier he'd ingested a cock-inhibitor substance often used by his immortal kind.
Big D shoved open the unlatched door entering the small front room. Sondi's feminine fragrance enveloped him. Pleasure stampeded his blood, alright. 
Noticing a pale pink sheet of paper on the thrift-store lamp stand, Big D didn't deny his curiosity. He picked up the large delicate sheet, reading. Beautifully handwritten, Sondi had obviously copied a simple forecast about the 2020 Autumnal Equinox. 
Almost immediately, the Force of the Universe chilled him to his very bones. Oh yeah, a 'knowing' quaked through him.
"Sondi," he began, "did you write this?"
"Write what?" She emerged. 
A supercharged jolt struck Big D.  She knocks me out of my boots.
Framing her exquisite face, Sondi's long redgold hair was loose, swinging free--gleaming way past her shoulders. She'd used minimal makeup. Big D silently thanked the One Source for that. He'd never cared for heavily made up women, except for special occasions like the Masquerade Ball.
 His breath stolen, Big D stared. Dang.  
She'd dressed in cream-colored pants, a flowing and flattering style. Her lovely pink top was a fluid velveteen material that showed off her curves, yet was not a tight fit. 
"Something wrong? Do I look okay?" Her gaze sincerely questioned him.
"You look perfect, Sondi." Big D grinned. "I'm just a man appreciating a good lookin' woman," he drawled.
Determined not to frighten her, he jerked his admiring gaze away, but not before he saw her blush a bit. 
Remembering, suddenly feeling the paper he held, Big D asked, "Did you write this?"
She nodded. "I forgot I left it out here. It was late," she hesitated. "I was tired." 
"Celestial Blood Princess," he burst out, rare behavior for him. "Your cosmic heritage. I recognize it." 
Tilting her head, her expression became quizzical.

"Celestial Blood Princess," she repeated. "I don't even know what that would mean...Mr. Immortal Man."
Given their recent in-depth conversation about his supernatural status and her otherworldly parents, Big D spoke plain. "It's a ranking in one of the celestial realms. You are both uniquely human and Divine in nature. A high ranking. Few beings achieve that level," he paused, studying her face for how to proceed, then explained. "That balance of living in the third dimension and in the heavenly realms."
Sondi stilled, her body almost rigid as she considered, then resonated with his words.
"Oh," she softly breathed out. "That does seem to explain certain experiences, feelings. Some abilities I have."
When she looked directly at him, her gaze fired golden light into his eyes. "You ought to know, since you live here--in this somewhat primitive third dimension." 
Enjoyin' her inner power immensely, Big D smiled. "We immortals play, live, operate in the various material realms. More than what are called the celestial realms."
Thoughtful, keeping her gaze locked on him, Sondi moved closer. "I don't think I'm very connected to the celestial realm...right now. It's too hidden from me. There are blocks," she added as he raised his brows.
Big D offered, "It could be a protection measure. Hide you from the darkside players. If you don't realize who you are, they won't know either."
"Could be." She shook her head as if to clear cobwebs,  then favored him with an impish smile. "Let's go shopping. I don't want to think about it anything else now. I need some fun time."
"Me too. We've both been puttin' in the long hours." Big D stepped to the side, and gentlemanly opened her door.

"Oh, this is wonderful. I love it." Sondi swept her arm toward the hay bales and the festive Fall wheelbarrows full of plump pumpkins and squash. "Being here in Wolf Peak is definitely magical."
"It's become a ranch tradition decorating for the Fall Equinox." Big D strode toward the passenger door of his nineteen sixty-six Fleetwood Cadillac. "We like honoring the change of season."
"How many cars do you have?" Sondi halted in midstep. Her gaze roamed appreciatively over the grand, limousine-style Cadillac. "I haven't seen this one."
"I'm gonna keep surprisin' you, Sondi." Big D spoke teasingly.
"Cool color. Sort of a pale champagne gold. Almost matches that Stetson your wearing today...Mr. He's All Hat." Sondi matched his teasing tone.
Enjoyin' his view of Sondi as she slipped onto the large seat, Big D didn't get the door fully shut before her dog rushed inside like a dang coyote on the run. The Pharaoh hound neatly landed on Sondi's lap.
"Tia, what are you doing here?" she gently scolded. "You're supposed to be staying with–"
"It's okay, Sondi," Big D interrupted. "She's well behaved. Tia can come with us."
"'l'll get her leash."
"We can get one easy enough at the shops. Several have dog supplies."
"Okay...if you say so. You're still naughty, Tia."  Big D heard as he closed the door, then strode to the driver's side. The dog was exceptionally well-mannered even though she was darn independent-minded, too. 
In the plus column, Tia had taken a strong liking to him. And Big D knew the rescued Pharaoh Hound was almost neurotic in protecting Sondi. 
How could he deny either of them?

Yep, as he climbed inside the Cadillac, Tia politely sat at Sondi's feet. The dog favored him with the 'grateful' canine look.
"She wants to be included." Sondi stroked Tia's smooth head.
"Well, I guess so," Big D drawled, amused. "Keep being a lady, Miss Tia, and I'm happy to include you."
"You're spoiling her too much," Sondi bantered. "And me."
You have no idea, my darling woman, how much I want to spoil you.
In high spirits, Big D turned the ignition key. The Caddy purred elegantly, ready to rule the surface road, then the miles' long tunnel that led directly inside the Pleasure Club, and into the enormous, three-levels garage.
Taking a chance, Big D lightly teased, "Want me to stop?" He rolled toward the ranch's road. Accelerating, he sped over it, the ride slick as hog's grease.
"No..." she thoughtfully answered moments later. "No, not really...I'm starting to, to like it."
"I sure do appreciate your honesty, Sondi." Big D spoke in a neutral tone. With his gaze focused on the road, he increased their traveling speed. 
Dang, if the world doesn't feel just perfect.
"I've never had such a comfortable ride. I have to admit." Sondi stroked the dashboard briefly. "What's her name?"
"Miss Classy."
"She is classy, no doubt it."
Big D honked his horn a couple of times acknowledging his crew of range riders. Several teenage cowboys were with them learning the ropes. "Music, Sondi?"
"Not unless you're in the mood, Big Hat Man. The sound of the car, the wind...this is great." She cracked her window, placing her hand outside.
Big D figured he'd surprise Sondi later with his fire-red convertible. Yep, on a bright Indian Summer day before winter's cold blew into Montana.
"I checked on all the pregnant mares early this morning. They're doing fine," Sondi informed.
"Yup. Jake called the house, tellin' me you'd made the rounds."  
"Lolita will probably give birth in two days. Her foal is a colt." Sondi pulled her hand back inside, leaving the window open a bit.
"A colt you say. Well heckfire, I couldn't be happier. Daddy stud will be prancin' around like it's all his doin'."

Sondi chuckled. "The gender is his doing. But the carrying and the birthing isn't. He better be kissing her sweet little hooves."
"I'll give him the message." Big D wisecracked.
"Yeah, you do that," she shot back.
"You didn't happen to psi-see the colt's coat color?" he needled, his tone good-natured.
"Nope. So sorry to disappoint." Sondi flipped her fiery gold hair, a bit defiant.
Big D caught the small display of temper from the corner of his eye. He grinned bigtime. Dang, oh yeah, just what I want in a woman. Spirit.
"You know I'm just funnin' you." Big D slowed as they passed the neighbor's valley ranch. "Look to your right, Sondi."
"Oh wow! Looks like a Medieval faire, a re-enactment." Excitement and longing filled her voice. "Look at those gorgeous gowns."
"Lot of folks here in the Peak are downright fond of that time period. Phoenix and Claire, the owners of this spread, are always hosting Medieval feasting events, and outdoor games."
"Really?" Her excitement spun around him.
"Yep, wait a hot minute. I dang well forgot, Sondi. It's Medieval Princess Days here in the Peak." 
"Medieval Princess Days." She spoke dreamily, her hankerin' obvious to his ears. "Some day," she added.  
That had Big D wanting to do anything to fulfill Sondi's wishes.
 "As long as the weather holds, there are regular jousting competitions. It's great training for Phoenix and Claire's warhorses."
"Warhorses?" Sondi's gaze could have been glued to the side window.
"Breeds that were once used by Knights of the Realm." Big D snapped his gaze back on the road. "Such as the destrier, coursers, and rounceys. All of them called chargers."
"Oh, that's right. The chargers. I don't see any jousting, though. Only a spectacular fantasy Medieval Princess gathering. Wonderful..." 

 Big D removed his foot from the accelerator, giving Sondi a longer look at the feasting revelry. "The jousting is usually held at their castle, hidden in the Rocky mountains."
He waited, drawing a large breath. Should I have revealed that yet? Too darn-tootin' late now. He certainly wasn't telling her Phoenix and Claire were firebird shapeshifters.
"Castle?" Sondi sounded bewildered. "A real castle?" 
"Yep, there's a few old world castles camouflaged by bein' in the mountains. They can't be seen by the sky spy satellites, either."
"Too cool. Old world castles here?"
"Yep, Sondi. Long, long ago this area was home to a very ancient race of good and wise Druids. As they are known in these times."
"Wow...I keep saying wow. But wow. I've intuitively sensed that very ancient past—as you just explained."
Big D heard Sondi's authenticity. Her words were not hollow appeasement.
Given they'd passed the Medieval gaiety, Big D punched the gas pedal. "I'll wrangle us an invitation to the jousting games if you want, Sondi."
"Please, please. You know I would love, love the horses. And I love watching  jousting events. Huzza!" 
Heckfire, if his grin didn't feel wider than the brim of his Stetson. "The Renaissance Faire?"
"Yes, every chance I got. I absolutely adore Medieval type gowns—" Sondi stopped her words. "I'm sorry...I'm, I'm not asking...I don't mean to..." 

"There are several Medieval clothier shops. We can have a look. I sure would like to see you wearin' a princess gown."
"Hey!" Sondi jumped in her seat. "That looks like a dragon. Flying toward the Medieval party. I can't see it that well." Puzzlement owned her voice. "But it does look like a small golden dragon. I swear."
Well hell, what do I say to that? Sure enough, one of Claire's little dragons had flown by them. "Might be a drone that someone built to look like a dragon. Fantasy role play is big here. Like you know, Sondi."

Mere instants later Big D heard. "Explain that, Big Hat Man."
He followed the point of Sondi's finger, then quickly looked straight ahead.
Well hellfire.
Keina, in her Pegasus form, with Drev astride her—they flew high in the blue Montana sky...most likely on their way to Phoenix and Claire's feast.
"That's not a drone," Sondi asserted. "Definitely not a drone."
"No, it ain't." Think fast. "Hologram," he uttered. "The science geeks here sure do like playin' with that technology." He wasn't lying about that.
"I...I guess so. Sure does look realistic. Amazing. What a gorgeous, wing-sparkling Pegasus."
Not to be too obvious, Big D gradually upped their speed. "You know, Sondi, there could be a Medieval Princess Days celebration happenin'—several actually—inside the Club."
"Oh, that would be a fantasy come true."
Pure giddiness. Her vibes swamped him, alright. Good Lord, he loved it. 
"A celebration with feasting. We could get you a gown. Get me outfitted."
"Wow...what do I say. You got me, Big Hat Man. I can't refuse...your, your generosity."

"Good, my Medieval Princess. You know what, Sondi, I'll call ahead." As they zoomed through the semi-hidden entrance, and onto the underground highway, Big D touched the small-screen display on his dashboard. "Let's see what's shakin' on the Medieval scene."
"That is so super-holographic cool," Sondi enthused. "I can't get over how perfectly disguised these entrances are."
"Yep, gotta have advanced tech to protect our territory from the big-league bad boys and girls."
 "So I've come to know since being here. The dangers of SkyNet are real alright. It's not just a futuristic movie plot."
"Truer words were never spoken, Sondi. We, here in Wolf Peak, along with humanity--we are all battling the AI SkyNet now. Here though, we got super-brain geniuses on our side."
 "Super-brain geniuses," she repeated, obviously thinking about what he'd said. 
"Later, when time allows, we'll return. I'll take you on a tour of the command center so you can meet our crack cyber crew."
 "Yes, I'd like that. It's okay, Tia. You're okay," Sondi crooned. The darkness of the tunnel fully surrounded them. 
"Tia, it won't be long." Big D switched on an interior light.
"Thanks. See, you're okay, Tia girl."
Big D knew Sondi stroked the dog, soothing her.
Chasenna, one of the Pleasure Club hostesses, appeared on screen. Autumn's bounty decorated the roomy station where she and the other hostesses directed everyone to their desired shop, restaurant, nightclub, or activity—anything and everything happening at the Interspecies Pleasure Club.
"What can I help you with today, Big D?" Chasenna's gracious smile warmed him to his very core.
"Good to see your lovely countenance again, Chasenna. Medieval Princess Days, where is it being celebrated? Oh, and the nearest pet supply shop from my personal parking space."
Within moments, Chasenna flashed the information onto his screen, then embedded it in his computer system. "Anything else, Big D?"
"Huzza!" He grinned in a charming manner. "Thanks, sweetheart."

As Sondi reached for the print out he'd initiated, her curiosity smacked Big D like a tall ocean wave. "What a list. Do I say wow again?"
Big D let time race ahead before asking, "What looks good?"
"Horses." Her joy was palpable. "At the Dream Wishes, in their small arena they're
offering rides to all Medieval Princesses. With pictures and video, of course."
"Perfect. I'll get us a reservation." His gaze not wavering, Big D entered the info on his pad beneath the monitor. "The chow is dang tasty too. Best turkey legs in the Peak."
"Yum. I haven't had one in seems like."
"You know, Sondi, Dream Wishes uses two of my son's dressage-trained Andalusian horses for these type of events."
"Rory has the most gorgeous, gorgeous horses. No doubt."
Big D heard Sondi's soul-deep yearning. He'd already promised to get her one soon as the right horse was available.
"Now that's a matter of contention, Sondi," he teasingly rebuked. "I say mine win the beauty contest."
"Can't argue, Big Hat Man. I love your horses, you know that. And they are exceptionally beautiful. It's all personal preference, though."  
"We'll visit Rory again. Just too many emergencies that need tendin' to these days."
"That's for certain." Sondi audibly sighed. "Too many good people need help. And I want to help them as much as we can."
"So far, our food distribution operations are goin' great guns. We get more recruits outside the Peak's borders everyday."
"It is going great guns as you say." Hope soared Sondi's soft voice. "I say thanks everyday for that."
Wanting to lighten the mood, Big D changed the subject. "Why don't we get Tia one of those fancy tapestry collars?"
"Like the wide ones you see on greyhounds and whippets mostly?"
"Yep." He had her full attention, alright.
"Oh, Tia, you would look so beautiful, so elegant." The Pharaoh Hound gave a happy yip-yip.
"I think she agrees." Sondi laughed, carefree for the moment.

Big D sang inside. Heckfire, with Sondi around, he was dang full of love songs.
He slowed, easing the Cadillac toward a ramp that would take them to the Pleasure Club's multi-layer parking complex.
"Won't be long now," he announced. "You know, Sondi, there are pet exercise areas. So no worries No worries," he added, speaking to Tia. The dog answered with a growly yip.
"You're speaking her language now." Sondi giggled.
"The sweet edge to life," Big D spoke his thoughts. "Do you know why I prefer a 1950's lifestyle?"
"No. I wasn't alive then. Why?"
"Don't get me wrong. There were harsh realities. Like now. But there was a sweeter edge to life back then." He paused, reminiscing a bit. "Lot of folks were more neighborly, kinder to each other."
"Like some of the black and white TV shows I've watched. Leave It To Beaver," she offered.
"I had a special fondness for The Roy Rogers Show. He was one of the singing cowboys. Yep, Roy, his palomino horse, Trigger. Of course, Dale Evans and her horse, Buttermilk. And can't forget, Bullet was his German shepherd dog."
"When I was upset as a kid, Mom would often play an episode of Roy Rogers." Sondi softly crooned, Happy Trails to you..."
Big D sang the words, mightily enjoying himself. Then spontaneously, together they joined voices, singing, Happy trails to you, Until we meet again, Happy trails to you, Keep smiling until then...


 As they cruised down the ramp nearing the parking garage's large, horseshoe-shaped entrance, Sondi intoned, "The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. Now the Great Revealing intensifies and plays out on the world stage. Good versus evil is the only Global game for many years to come."
Silence took control of Big D for several moments. "The Celestial Blood Princess speaks."
"I guess so," she murmured.
"Very bad wrong," he stated, "as the fireman prophet recently said. Yep, the Grand Awakening is here on planet Earth. The Judgement Day for the evil ones is upon us."
"Yes." Sondi ever so gently touched his forearm. It was as if a lightning bolt surged up his arm and into his eternal being. Wow. Hell yeah!
"You know," she continued, her tone contemplative, "there's dealing with your shadow side, facing it. I think it's now time for all of us to face and then embrace our Light Side."
"Yep, the real power of the human race." Big D took a chance, enfolding her hand inside his briefly. He praised all that was Divine that Sondi didn't object.
"In this world..." she hesitated, "Most of us have been so suppressed, so terribly oppressed by the current schizophrenic fact, I believe we've intentionally been trained to ignore our Good side, our Light—while at the same time, we're encouraged to be our best, to be our Good Side. I think,'s all to keep us down, keep humanity down."  
"I know what you're saying, Sondi."
At a slow crawl, Big D approached his parking spot. "Those on the darkside, the darkside here and in the Grand Universe, they are tryin' like all hell to conquer Earth. Truth is, these demonic-like beings are damn desperate and damn afraid of the human race. Always have been, in fact."
Big D stopped his words, reflecting. "They're like scared trembling rabbits in deep winter when the wolves howl their hunger. That is, scared of humanity's true potential."
Once he'd parked the Caddy, Sondi reached out squeezing part of his hand for several instants. "I feel what you're saying intuitively...yes."
Big D rejoiced, a besotted son of a gun.

Run on the Wild Side of Romance  


Savanna Kougar

Monday, September 7, 2020

Masquerade Fun in Wolf Peak Territory

 Happy Labor Day Howls and Yowls, ShapeShifter Lovers! 

So, a bit of authoress commentary-news first. I am deeply disappointed that, once again, my ability to write has been shut down. Here's one tiny example of what happens. 
Okay, I am clearing out a corner in a room I use for storage to fix the ceiling. The ancient tiles have loosened there. What happens to hinder me? Stop all progress?
I'm letting my pets in, the mat is black and I don't see it clear enough--a dying wasp. I step on it, feel the pricking sting. Yeah, I'm only wearing socks because my feet stay much healthier that way. Off comes the sock confirming I have been stung, but the penetration is not as bad as it could have been. Since I'm deathly allergic to bee stings, I immediately take the natural anti-allergy formula I've successfully used many times before to save my life--yep, over the years. The problem is though, I've just eaten so it won't get into my system all that fast. Inspired, I fill up a sock with baking soda to find out if that will help. 
Then, I hope my reaction won't be too bad. There were a couple of hours of reaction, shortness of breath mostly, and hyperventilating... my foot swelled up, but not badly. Happily, the pain subsided fairly quickly. 
No, I can't go to a hospital for treatment because I'm deathly allergic to their prescription drugs--having what is sometimes called chemical sensitivity. Realistically, anything they do would most likely kill me. Thankfully, everything worked out, though, and I'm fine. 
Anyway, bottom line: problem wise, I am putting out way too many fires, and have way too many bizarre interruptions like that wasp sting to get much done. Consistently, that is. 
Thus again, no time, no energy to write. 
My apologies, I know hearing this over and over must get very old. However, as I've been saying lately, truth is truth. 

Also,  I find this rather fascinating. Of late, I have been craving GOODNESS--as if it's a particular food. You know, like ice cream. This is a deep insatiable craving. Now mind you, I love GOODNESS--someone with a big heart, for example. Or, the Romance Novel's vaunted Happy Ending. 
In today's world this is probably not surprising, this weird craving, given our current sad, mask-wearing situation--given our volatile, burn-everything good down mob madness happening in some areas. 
Because of the shutdown so many of us here, and around the world, are suffering bigtime, terribly. Sadness envelops the planet at this time. 

Yes, our planetary society is in the Great Unraveling. 

Of course, in Wolf Peak Territory no one is wearing a stop-the-virus mask, except as a joke. Howls and yowls, much hilarity has ensued among the Peak's population. Yep, making fun of the outsiders has become a favorite pastime. 

And now, a new Masquerade Ball has been planned, as a fun antidote to the reality of the year 2020. This masked evening festivity will be happening at the Midnight Stardust Supperclub--first featured in HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS. 

After all, as I've explained before, Shifters, Supernaturals, all those living in the Peak have no pandemic worries. This includes the humans, and the human-supernatural hybrids. For, Healers abound and are available to ALL. 

On the compassionate side, however, Peakites continue feeding as many of the hungry, those who live outside of their borders, as they can reach. Food supply lines are expanding quickly. 

In fact, since he lives close to the border on his huge ranch, Big D, the immortal hero in my current WIP, is in charge of the food supply lines in his area. That, and keeping out enemies and marauders--those who are attempting to road-warrior stampede the border. 

Yes, I am planning to include this new Masquerade Ball in my WIP, Sondi and Big D's erotic love story. To that end, I am writing some possible scene snippets below the following images. 

"Sondi, have you ever been to a Masquerade Ball?" Big D sharply swerved onto the dirt road, intent on leaving their small-time pursuer in the dust. A mere annoyance, he'd be rounded up like a stray calf soon enough. 
"Who did you say was after us?" Sondi's tone was more curious than concerned. 
"He's a known hoodlum from Talbot Peak. Most likely his uncle, a New Jersey transplant, sent him to put the mob scare into me." 
"Mob scare?" 
 "To get a supply of food for his restaurant. Not a bad place. He could have asked in a civilized manner." 
"Okay, that makes sense. No, to answer your question. I've never been to a Masquerade Ball." 

"You know about the Midnight Stardust Supperclub, right?" Big D put the pedal to metal, and they hurtled toward the ranch's back entrance. 
"Yeah, the alpha leader's subterranean big fancy forties club. So I hear. A lot of talk about it." 
Big D glanced at Sondi for a mere instant. She smiled widely at him. "Now this is fun." 
Big D grinned bigly even though Sondi couldn't see him, given his full attention remained on the road. "That's my girl." 
He checked the rear view mirror. Sure enough, the dust storm caused by his fast-spinning tires obscured the small jet car chasing them--a newer model on the underground market. 

"Dante and Kitty are hosting a Masquerade Ball next week, Saturday night. Would you like to go with me?" Big D paused, then took the plunge. "Now don't you worry. I'll get you the costume, everything a woman needs. Yep, whatever you want, Sondi. We can even do it online."
Big D sensed her quick whirling thoughts, her confusion over him, as if they were his own. 
"You already...get, get me everything." Her shyer nature had emerged. 
One eye on his fancy-dancy computer screen, Big D whooped. The Peak's frequency drone struck--one of many. A directed flash of light that looked like a plasma ball, and the jet-powered engine died. 
"They got that pesky little flea tryin' to bite our butt." Big D whooped again. 
"You've got the most sci-fi amazing tech here." Sondi whipped around. She'd observed the drone's attack.

"What was he going to do if he'd caught up to us?" she asked, clearly puzzled. 
"They're called stingers. Mini missiles fired like a Gatling gun." Big D slammed on the brakes, performing a spin that caused a veritable dust bowl around them. 
As he sped toward the ground capture squad, he added, "Not to worry, Sondi. I gotta a shields-up button." 
"I'm living a James Bond movie," she muttered loudly, but a few moments later. 
Big D waited, sensing more was coming. 
He kept a keen eye on the werewolf squad. In their human form, they efficiently hauled out the light-paralyzed intruder. Once his vitals were checked, they tossed him inside the squad's war wagon. 
"I think I'm enjoying myself." 
In his peripheral vision he saw Sondi lean forward to get a better view. Her no-fear eagerness pleased him. Heckfire, everything about the woman pleased him. 
Yep, she's one helluva spunky gal, alright.

Big D rolled his car window down the old-style way. "Good job, fellas." He saluted them. "Check with Dante, but I say bundle the rattoid up good 'n tight. Deliver him back to his mobster uncle. As a message drop him at the restaurant's front door ... oh, and put an M95 mask on him." 
"We wouldn't want the little rattoid to spread any nasty germs." The team leader grinned all too wolfishly. 
"Good job," Sondi echoed. She'd turned in her seat, nearly draping herself across his lap. 
Big D's cock launched to rocket status. Instantly. Dang, I can't frighten her off. 
Using his mental prowess, Big D quickly deactivated his stud parts. 

He watched Team Leader Nargoz touched the brim of his helmet. "Thank you, ma'am," he respectfully growled. "Have a good day." 
Women were cherished in Wolf Peak. If any man didn't come by that naturally, Dante and his team were on the case, and fang-fierce on their case. No excuses. 
Sondi deserted his lap, sitting upright. "I have to say I've never seen such extraordinary policing... like here... in the Peak. Well, not policing exactly. But protection forces. At the same time, freedom reigns. I haven't seen anyone's rights violated." 
"That's the way we like it, Sondi." Big D pressed the gas pedal. At a sedate pace, he headed for the ranch. "Masquerade Ball," he reminded. "Would you like to go with me?" 

Quiet permeated the car's interior. From the corner of his eye, he saw Sondi wring her hands. Then... "Sure, why not?" 
Big D's heart leaped like a buck kangaroo in rut chasing after a female. Yep, he had a strong affinity for Aussie Roos. 
For the last century, his grandfather had run a land-immense and remote cattle station in Australia--one reason he'd arrived on Earth.
Unable to stop himself, Big D envisioned Sondi dressed in a vibrant red gown with a red feathered mask. 
But hellfire stars, true, he didn't care what she chose. He wanted her on his arm, next to him. He simply wanted to gaze upon her beauty. To hear her sassy commentary. 
He wanted her in his arms as they danced. 

"Time permittin' tomorrow, we'll find you a gown, Sondi." 
"Red," she softly stated. "I think I'd like a red gown." 
"Whatever you want." Big D's heart pounded with fierce enthusiasm, alright. "I know several costumers here in the Peak, Sondi. Most have their shops inside the Pleasure Club complex, though."
Sondi briefly, oh-so briefly touched his arm. "They say the underground Club is a shopper's paradise...what I've heard around town, that is. And from your sister." 
"Sure is. The most amazin' shops. Nothing like it in my experience." 
"You know. This, this is a shock to my system. What's here in Wolf Peak. The reality..." she trailed off. 
Big D took his gaze off the road, looking at Sondi. She nervously rubbed the top of her thighs. 
"It'll be a challenge, learnin' about us. But it's good here, Sondi. I promise."
"That's my sense of it... yeah... you wanted me to wear red. Right?" 

"You'll look gorgeous. But don't mind me. Choose whatever you like the most." Big D passed through the old-fashioned iron gate that acted as a guardian for the ranch. Yep, the ultra tech hidden within did its job. 
"Siren red. I've always wanted a siren red gown." She'd spoken in a dreamy voice. 
"Wishes do come true." Big D grabbed a long moment to savor Sondi's soft expression. "Here in Wolf Peak." 
"Certainly feels that way. Wishes coming true." 
Goldurnit, if she didn't look she'd become a real princess. Finally. "Even with..." Sondi left the rest hanging. 
"Even with the world falling apart around us." Big D finished. He increased their speed. Several of the ranch hands waved as they passed, and Big D replied with short honks of the horn. 
"Yes. I almost feel guilty... being here," she hesitated. "Almost."
"Aren't you doing everything in your power to help others?"  
 "Of course." Her spiritual essence swirled around around him with a strength that surprised Big D. 
"Then, Sondi, you're on your Divine Mission." Big D halted himself from taking hold of her lovely hand. Too soon, he reminded himself. 
"By the way, there will be a lot of Wolf masks at the Masquerade Ball. Nothin' to worry about, though."  

Run on the Wild Side of Romance  


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