Thursday, July 9, 2020

Fourth of July Remembrance In Wolf Peak Territory

Yes, Very Belated Independence Day Howls and Yowls, ShapeShifter Lovers! 

So, I was under the weather and thus, couldn't work on this post. 

WE in Wolf Peak Territory hold these Truths to be self-evident, that ALL SENTIENT BEINGS are created equal in the Sight of the Divine, that they are endowed by the One Great Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness 

Of course, absolutely, given their wild, freedom-loving natures, given the past and current persecution of shapeshifters and other supernaturals, EVERYONE in the Peak stands with Independence Day, with celebrating the Fourth of July. 

The People of the United States of America Have Their Historic and Majestic Mt Rushmore, Those In the Peak Have the Magnificent Wolf Summit. Smiles. 

Tiger ShapeShifters, Sentient Tiger Beings, the Half-Breeds ...In Fact, All the Big Cats and All of the Little Cats, too, of Wolf Peak...They All Agree, Freedom Will Be Most Ferociously Defended With Tooth, Nail, and Claws. Enemies, foreign and domestic, Will Be Shredded, Torn Into Bloody Pieces. Guaranteed. 

Wolf Shifter Cubs Sunning Themselves On the Top of Wolf Summit

The Vintage Style Fireworks Celebration Held a Couple of Days Before Fourth of July Was a Huge Success, As Was the Dance At the Midnight Stardust Supperclub Featuring Music and Dining Favorites From That Period. Of Course, the Gowns Worn By the Ladies Were Elegant and Gorgeous. To Live For! 

"The Spirit of Liberty" ... One of the Pinup Posters Inside the Americana, a New Cozy Eatery That Recently Opened In the Peak town of Moonrise Lake... Of course, They Serve American-Style Cuisine. 

The Angel of Liberty Welcomes Customers To the Americana Eatery

Okay, Similar To the One Near Mt Rushmore, There is Also a Wolf Peak Lodge... ShapesShifters and Supernaturals From Around the World Are Flocking To the Lodge For Summer Fun... No One Has To Worry About Scaring Unaware Humans... 

One of the Beautiful Woman Wolf Shifters ... She Works At the Wolf Peak Lodge As a Much Loved Singer 

The Patriot Cat of Wolf Peak... Everyone Knows His Name, Mister Meow Liberty, and His *Give Me Freedom* Game 

Meet Lobo Fangs Liberty ...This Is Mister Meow Liberty's Sidekick  ... They Make Quite a Team, I Tell Ya!  

Oh Wait, Here's Another One of Their Patriot Posse, Luke Kickin' For Liberty ... This Stud Has One Helluva Kick, Alright, Having Won Many a Power Kick Competition. 

Dream Catcher Wolf, the Council of Grandmothers, and Every Native Indian Shifter In the Peak Stands In Patriotic Tribal Alliance With Dante, the Alpha Wolf Leader. 1776 Freedom Is Precious To All.  


Dressed For the Fourth of July Parade To Take Place On Main Street In the Town of Moonrise Lake. 

American Indian Princess and Her ShapeShifter Wolf Mate, They Moved To the Peak To Be Themselves and Live Free. 




Even This Zebra ShapeShifter Shows Off His Patriotic Stripes. 

Costumed For the Parade, These Two Mini Horses Are Too Adorable For Words... Aren't They? 

The Art of Carving Carousel Horses Has Been Revived In the Peak To the Delight of One and All

The Werewolf Tribe Living In the Peak, No One Dares Take Away Their Freedom!!! Many an enemy invader has been brutally, bloodily decimated. Including top black-ops teams. Yum! Crunch! Send In More...  

This Bald Eagle ShapeShifter Lives in Wolf Peak -- His Flight Around Mt. Rushmore On July 3, 2020. The tech team outfitted him with tiny recording cameras. 

Bathing In the Fourth of July Full Moon ... This Cosmic-Spirit Wolf Shamaness Revealed the Life-Altering Changes Coming To Our Lives on Planet Earth. Those Walking the Path of 1776 Freedom FOR ALL Will Be Viciously Persecuted, Constantly Demonically Attacked. Many Will Suffer Greatly and Be Murdered For Standing Up, For Daring To Live Free. 
However, Those Attacking-Killing the Freedom Lovers Around the World, Those Walking This Dark Sinister Path ... They Will Not Prevail. For, they Are Doomed By Their Own Mind-Controlled, Soul-Lost Ignorance. 
Walk This Beautiful Land, This Divine-Amazing World, With Peace and Love In Your Heart. Yet, If Threatened, If Attacked Fight With All of Your Might. As Is Often Said, Beloved Ones, the Time Has Come to Prepare For the Best, Hope For the Best. 
The Challenges Before Us Are Huge. In this New Aquarian Age Do We Perish Or Do WE ALL LIVE FREE On Mother Earth? 

Run on the Wild Side of Romance  


Savanna Kougar

Monday, June 22, 2020

Summer Solstice 2020, Season of Romance


Midsummer Howls and Yowls, ShapeShifter Lovers, 

Have a Most Sacred Summer Solstice 

Yes, and Have a Joyous Father's Day... the fathers in the Peak are being celebrated and celebrating. There is feasting and favorite family sports and games ... many are playfully running in the forests, over the high prairie lands. Naturally, there are a lot of loving hugs.   

At this Summer Solstice timepoint, the Great Unraveling becomes quantum-enhanced. This is because there is an immense and QUICKENING surge in the cosmic energies of the Universe -- including the BENEVOLENT GOLDEN LIGHT. 

As is painfully, notoriously obvious in this turnpoint year of 2020, CHANGE, both personal and societal, rules all of our lives -- thus, reigning over life and lifestyles all over planet Earth. Yes. changing, altering everything we have ever known. 

Now fleeing urban centers, returning to the Land, growing your own food, and building sustainable loving communities becomes the new norm in our country, throughout the world. Naturally, this an ever-evolving lengthy process. 

Of course, the huge, unexpected, and sudden CHANGES we are experiencing can be beneficial such as using a hammer to build a home. Or, the onslaught of CHANGES can be like a striking hammer used as a deadly weapon on your head. 

How do you discern the difference, the real potential of the CHANGES before you? Now, the DIVINE floodlight of truth reveals ALL -- the infamous bad, ugly, good, and beautiful is being REVEALED to bring forth ultimate societal healing. Thus, to establish an enduring planetary liberation 

At this spinpoint in our history/herstory, the human race is in the crosshairs of  *dark evil forces* and also facing the Aquarian Age crosspoint. That is, the choice between 1776 Freedom Worldwide or existing beneath a brutal Big-Brother enslavement. 

For the following two years, CHANGE AND CHOICE will be your constant companions. Also, as this beyond-epic year of 2020 continues, these two questions will challenge your very soul and heart. 

How do you bring about GOOD CHANGES? 

And, in the fog of the deepstate's war on humanity, in the confusion caused by these evil ones among us, how do we individually and collectively, keep CHOOSING the path of FREEDOM FOR ALL upon our beloved planet Earth?  

Always remember, the Golden Light of the Divine, holds you in its eternal and loving embrace. 


The Season of Romance In Wolf Peak Territory, Now New Couples Are Coming Together As Never Before 

More and More, the Angelic and Fairy Breeds of Humanity Arrive In the Peak. Kalinda, the owner of  The Heavenly Chocolate & Ice Creamery, is half angel and half Norse Goddess. She and her team coordinate this burgeoning community. 

Feverish and Fierce Love, It's All Happening In Wolf Peak, Especially Inside Dante's Interspecies Pleasure Club

One of the ON THE GOOD SIDE Vampires Falls In Love. Dante, the Alpha Wolf Leader, Originally Hired Him, and Other Good Vampires, As Elegant Dance Partners At the Midnight Stardust Supperclub. Yes, For the Single Ladies.

An Irish Elfin Couple, Who Are From a Remnant Population ...Wanting to Begin a New Life, They Have Moved To the Peak. 

This Couple Is From Avalon, an Ancient Land Currently Hidden By the Mists of Protection. Those In Avalon Are Joining With Wolf Peak Territory To Save Themselves and All On the Good Side From the Great Dark Force That Would Consume the Mother Earth, and Her Precious People. 

He is an Andalusian Horse ShapeShifter. She is a Deer Shifter. Both Lived During an Age of Beauty On Earth -- so very long ago. They Are From an Immortal Gene Line Created Before the Atlantean Empire. 

He Rescued Her From a Shipwreck, Once Upon a Historical Time. They Found Each Other Again At the Cotillion Masquerade Ball

Fae Couple In Flight. Dante's Much Vaunted Security Teams Keeps Them Safe With All Manner of Advanced Technology. As Well, the Drone Hunters In the Peak Are Always Busy.

Mermaid Couple In Love ... As Has Been Revealed Before There Is A Large Underground Water Passageway Into a Cave System ... One of the Caves Opens Up Becoming a Hidden Beach Area Where the Sun's Light Slants Inward... 

These Lovers Are Inside One of the Many, Many Pleasure Fantasy Rooms Available At the Interspecies Pleasure Club

Druid Elfin Priestess and Priest, This Couple Is Much Loved, and Is Well Known Throughout Wolf Peak For Assisting Others With Physical and Spiritual Healing. They Are Also Warriors. 

A Couple From a Future Timepoint On Earth. They Decided to Make their Home in Wolf Peak Territory and Join a Border Patrol Team. Their Varied Talents and Warrior Skills Have Made Them Invaluable. 

This Couple Are Defenders of the Castle Realms. Concealed  By the Montana Rocky Mountains Are Twenty Magnificent Castles. Some Are Owned By Dragon Lords and Their Family Line. There Are Both ShapeShifter Dragons and Sentient Dragonkind.

Love Beneath the Full Moon ... the Magickal Energies of Woman and Man Together Build and Spin the World, and the Universe Itself... 

Passionate Romance Lives In Wolf Peak Territory ... Dante, and All Those Who Live In the Peak, Do Everything In Their Power To Encourage Romance...

Another Warrior Couple, They Are Both Wolf Shifters, and Defend the Peak With All of Their Ferocious Might ... Oh, and They Are Deeply In Love 

Warrioress and Her Renaissance Warrior Mate ... Several Immortals Are Arriving These Days ...Their Knowledge and Wisdom From These Historical Times Is a Great Boon ... And the Children of the Peak Learn the Truth, Not Merely What Has Been Written 

Elfin Warlord and His Human Wife ... He Is Devoted to Her. 

A Lion ShapeShifter From Ancient Mars, He Has Finally Found His True Mate. She Is a Half Cat, Half Human Shifter Who Teaches Advanced Dance Classes. Her Beautiful Dance Performances Are Always Sold Out.  

He Is a Master Teacher, How To Be a Medieval Warrior. She Is His Lady Love... Together They Bring This Lifestyle to Life In Wolf Peak. 

Eagle ShapeShifter and His Beloved Wife, a Shamaness. She Recently Arrived From a Secret Realm In Siberia, and Is Descended From the Hyperboreans. 

Highlander Scottish Lass With the Sight Moves to the Peak and Discovers Her Long Lost Lover. They Were Originally Torn Apart By War. Reunited Now, They Are Building a Life Together. 

When Romance Was a Grand Affair To Be Cherished ... This Romantic Way of Life, Lost To the Current Era, Has Come To Wolf Peak Territory ... Thank the Great Goddess of All. 

Deep Inside an Isolated Valley In Wolf Peak Territory, the Paradise Romantic Times of Tartaria Is Being Brought To Life Again.

Everything OLD WEST and Western Is Popular In the Peak, Of Course. This Couple Runs The Gunslinger Saloon In the Small Town of Moonrise Lake. They Are Coyote Shifters From the American Southwest. 

A Dragon ShapeShifter Couple. They Have Been In Love For Centuries. Yes, They Now Live In One of the Dragon-owned Castles, and Often Fly the Skies Searching For Enemies Who Would Dare Invade Wolf Peak Territory. They Don't Appear To Be Ferocious In Human Form. However, As Dragons They Are Fearsome Fighters. 

Run on the Wild Side of Romance  


Savanna Kougar