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Celebrating New Year’s Eve at the Galactia Ecstasy

Happy New Year shapeshifter lovers!

Here's a flash scene I wrote several years ago. This year Shestry and  Drauz—now a couple who often roam the galaxy—will be celebrating at the Midnight Stardust Supperclub, located in Dante's Interspecies Pleasure Club. 


New Year’s Eve at the Galactia Ecstasy 

The nearly backless gown of heavy satin flowed over Shestry’s body in long elegant lines. Feeling extraordinarily beautiful, she languidly arranged herself in front of the full length mirror. Her curves appeared to be streamlined by her evening gown, the  rich deep color of burnt gold.

She smiled with sheer sensual enjoyment at her reflection.

“Sis, hoop-di-doo, you’re going to drive the gents c-r-a-z-y over the moon.”

Entering her lavish dressing room with his usual flair, Jaxter sauntered to his favorite lounge chair and settled himself.

“I’ll be thrilled with good dancing partners, if you must know. I’m not going as part of  the cattle call to be some man’s wife. Or is that the ‘heifer call’ market? Regardless, you men can keep to your own lives and leave me out of them for a good while.” Moving toward her brother, Shestry swept up her glitter evening bag. “Is Alexa waiting for you at the supper club?”

“She’ll be swinging into my arms once we arrive. I just gave her the tinkle and heard her sweet voice.” Jaxter held up his wrist phone, his grin one of ‘let’s go make merry’.

“What’s the latest on the parents?” Shestry gave her fancy upswept hairdo a final pat, then let the natural sway of her body take over as she walked toward her personal portal.

“They’re going to let us kiddies play and dance the night away. They’re planning to join us an hour before midnight, sweets.” Rising with athletic grace, Jaxter adjusted his tux’s black silk bowtie, then followed after her.

In moments, they stood inside the welcoming foyer of the Galactia Ecstasy, a supper club arching high above one of their world’s largest cities. The posh glimmer of furnishings, in shades of amber, surrounded them as they glided toward the immense, bowl-shaped room that was composed of a central dance floor and two upper levels for dining, partying and viewing.


Alexa’s excited squeal penetrated the celebratory atmosphere with arrow-like ease. The petite brunette, who owned a doll’s perfect figure, flew inside her brother’s open arm. Shrugging adorably and flirtatiously, she tilted her head all the way back, and smiled without an ounce of pretense at him. Her eyes glowed with intimacy. Alexa closed them, pursing her brilliant red lips for his kiss.
Jaxter obliged for several instants, then wrapped her close against his side. “See ya later, sis. That gleaming dance floor is pulling on the soles of our shoes like magnetic plasma.”

Shestry fondly gazed at them both and gave a nod. “Greetings, Alexa. See you two much later.”

Free to pursue her own evening delights, Shestry pivoted toward the second level entrance. Straightening her shoulders, she held her head high and let the gown’s design have its way with her walking stride with what she called her ‘elegant slink’.


Drauz halted in his tracks. He’d been seized in the same way the gravitational pull of a sun captured his galactic ship, an occasional problem. Only his gaze continued to move, following the gorgeous woman, as she swayed like a breeze-blown reed toward the exquisitely appointed ramp, that led up to the second level dining area.

The sumptuously curved, yet slender beauty with hair the color of gold, bronze and rubies combined, obviously belonged to this world. Still, she hitched his cock to a full-standing salute, despite having satiated himself with several women during the past few days.

Surprised by the power she wielded over him, Drauz swiftly stepped behind a splendid drape that sectioned off a gentlemen’s lounge. Glancing over his shoulder, he was relieved to see no one was about. Already his hand transformed to beast claws.

His desire for the woman had catapulted his sex hormones so fiercely and so fast, his body threatened to shift into his most primal nature. He was known as a Dragonlion on his world.
Slipping the tiny vial out of his pocket with his un-transformed hand, Drauz tipped it up and drained its contents. The natural potion would tamp down his libido, for now. As quickly as it had occurred, his beast claws disappeared and his hand returned.

Without thought he trailed after the woman, his predator instincts fully engaged. Her fragrance enchanted him, reminding him of the most potent and delectable spices. The moment he caught sight of her, close to an empty dining table, he strode in her direction.

She stood alone, casually leaning on the translucent rail, enjoying the dancers below. The extreme roundness of her ass was displayed to carnal perfection by the high sheen of the gown she wore. Drauz licked his chops and told his beastly cock to behave in a gentlemanly fashion.

He could tell by the feminine language of her body and by her scent, she expected a man to woo and win her with more than his exceptional prowess between her thighs. A low roar of need rumbled up from the core of his being. He didn’t let it out.

“Who are you?” she asked without turning around. Intentionally, she kept her posture dismissive and her gaze riveted on the dazzling whirl of dancers.

“The man who is about to plead for a dance, once your favored piece of music begins.”

She spun around then, and their gazes collided. His breath rushed inward, as did hers. Reaching back, she steadied herself by clutching the rail. Drauz knew it would be a mistake to touch her yet. He forced himself not to sweep her against him as both an act of passion and protection.


Ignoring her ridiculous pants of breath, Shestry stared into the black-golden eyes of a Magollov, a race she knew little about, that is, except the obvious. His stature was larger, his frame more muscular than the men of her world. The deep brown-gold coloring of his suede-like skin subtly glowed. His furred lion ears pricked forward with sexual interest. Though, he’d kept his long tasseled tail discreetly behind him.

‘Lovely, aristocratic mane you have’... those were the words that wanted to fly past her lips. Instead, Shestry spoke her second thoughts. “Are you able to dance with any manner of competence, and perhaps, a dash of style?”

A glint of amusement transformed his gaze from bold intensity to a wicked playfulness that appealed to her. “Should I demonstrate with another partner? Or will you trust my word?”

Shestry tilted her head, all too aware of his hypnotizing gaze, and all too aware that she sizzled as a woman inside. “Will I require another partner? Or do you posses the stamina to dance all night?”

“My stamina is yours for this New Year’s celebration.” His gaze roamed over her face, devouring every detail. Her nipples tightened when he briefly dipped his gaze to the swells of her breasts, revealed by the gown’s v-plunging neckline. “Shall I order us a sustaining platter of delicacies and a bottle of bubbly? Your preference, of course.”

“You are an adventure I would like to taste. Prove your worth on the dance floor and I am yours for this New Year’s celebration.”


She promised him nothing, not even her name. She offered only her devoted company for her world’s night of elegant revelry. Drauz knew that. He didn’t care. He’d keep his needs tamed for her. This woman with eyes like far-away, beckoning blue stars. With lips that invited his plunder. With pale golden skin that demanded the rough arousing strokes of his tongue.

He presented his arm. “But dance with me, and my worth I shall prove.”


Feeling as sensual as the satin of her gown, and as molten as the color, Shestry placed her hand on the Magollov’s handsomely carved arm. One night of dancing surrounded by the crystalline fantasy of the supper club, with a man who didn’t belong to her world, a man who could never belong to her. Why not ferociously enjoy?

With suave attentiveness, he escorted her toward the long spiraling ramp, and they moved downward. It was as if she tread on air. “May I feel the caress of your tail tassel on my face when we dance?”


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

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