Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sheriff Roy hauled his butt out of his truck.

Sunny howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Yepadoodle, unseasonable warmth has taken over my tame prairie, and I'm lovin' it. 

This week's flash scene continues the love story of Sheriff Roy, ram shifter, and Xanya, a bobcat shifter. In this scene, Sheriff Roy speaks with Dante about who is after him, and why. Plus, he gets a bit of advice from Dante about romancing a feline shapeshifter. ~grinz~ 


Authoress news and mews ~ 

Plus, my shapeshifter erotic romance, WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL, is essentially done, and now the editing process begins. I sure would like a big ole miracle to happen where the editing is completed in record time. ~wish, wish~ 

Tagline: Ex super-soldier boy meets winged filly girl. Will they live happily ever after? In Wolf Peak territory anything is possible. ~A Paranormal Erotic Romance~ 


Sheriff Roy hauled his butt out of his truck. 

Satisfied no one followed him for the time being, Sheriff Roy hauled his butt out of his truck. Damn sure, he was under tech surveillance, though. Who wasn't these days?

Roy strode toward the side entrance of his nephews' ranch house, a large rambling structure. He rapped on the door, their code knock, in case either Dilesco or Zerlo was home.

Currently, they kept their trucks and cars out of sight, inside a huge unattached garage that also contained their ranching equipment. Nope, no answering knock. So they were out and about.

As he turned the doorknob, Buffster and Millie, his nephews' two Old English Sheepdogs, boomed several barks. Once Roy stepped inside, they wiggled happily, wanting his attention.

Roy gave them several pats on the head. "No one home, right?" With his hand on Buffster's neck, he headed for the dog cookie jar in the kitchen. Roy pulled out a couple of treats, tossing them in the air. Both sheepdogs leapt, their  big jaws snapping around the cookies.

Due to speak with Dante soon, Roy gave Millie and Buffster final pats. With his skin prickling something fierce—yep, his life was about to go into high strangeness—he walked toward the steps leading down to the basement. His nephews had transformed the sizeable area into a prepper's fortress. Recently, they'd finished the underground tunnel to Bunkerville—the immense, subterranean survival wing of Dante's Pleasure Club.

"Smart thinkin' in these troubled times," Roy muttered to himself, once he hit the bottom step. With his thoughts centered on the implications of being hunted by some hidden nefarious agency—and, at the same time, seeing the beautiful Xanya in his mind's eye, Roy strode inside the communications bunker.

The image of Dante on the room's large screen wasn't surprising. Roy had come to understand the alpha werewolf was purely amazin' in his abilities as the alpha-wolf leader of Wolf Peak Territory.

Most darn certainly, Dante's tech team, their accomplishments couldn't be beat. Roy knew that from prior experience.

He seated himself in the oversized swivel chair, and waited. Dante sat in his office working on something or other. The instant Dante glanced up, Roy greeted him with, "Howdy, big wolf man."

"Howdy, Sheriff." Dante imitated a drawl, then cracked a small grin. "You got the body size on me, ram man." His gaze changed, spearing Roy, but not with any measure of malice. "Mary Lou contacted. Said she spoke to you in town."

Roy gave a nod. "Sure did. What's your intel?"

"Seems like you boot-stomped on some tender toes." Dante's gaze intensified, his eyes glowing golden-hot.

"How tender?" Roy scooted forward.

"You remember a woman named Cindy Cantrell?"

"Yep. Let her go after one of my deputies brought her in on a warrant. Found out it was bogus."

"Yeah. That fang-hard figures." Dante paused and leaned forward. "The intel is she was a mistress to a senator in D.C."

"The Washington District of Criminals." Roy harumped. "She a whistleblower type?"

"She's been giving the cyber keys to the D.C. kingdom to the good-guy hackers, Anonymous. Seems the Hacktivists are having a field day unlocking all those dirty Washington secrets."

Roy slowly nodded, pondering on Dante's revelations. "No wonder someone has a serious gripe. What else you got, wolf man? I'm sensin' there's mountains more to this story."

Dante's expression became deadly serious. "Courtesy of Anonymous my cyber team has recovered files that contain beyond-top-secret info."

"Because of this Cindy gal...yep, figures they want to grease-skid me." Roy straightened, releasing the tension assaulting his shoulders. "Truth is, I don't know where this Cantrell woman is. But I'm bettin' they think I do. I put her up in a motel for the night. Next mornin', when I checked, she was gone."

"From what we've discovered, Cindy has disappeared into thin air. Poof." Dante gestured, and snapped his fingers. "Or, let's say this senator and his fed thugs don't know her location. They can't sniff out a trace of her. So far."

"What do your remote-viewing witches say? You have put them on the case, right, wolf man?"

"My Circle of Witches are on the case. But no results yet." Dante steepled his hands. "Too many other priorities right now."

"Yeah, understand that. I shouldn't have presumed. You got your plate overflowing with other 'situations'. Know anything about the men in black chasing my tail?"

Dante grinned real wide. "What we do have are those cooperating with them, the snitches in your office, and at the county jail. Those smartphones aren't so smart. Not with all the backdoors."

"Like how you work, wolf man." Roy memorized the photo images as Dante put them on screen. Afterward, he ram-snorted. "Looks like I got some house cleanin' to do. First though, I'll feed 'em false information."

"Keep me in the game, ram man. I can tell you the satellites my team is hacking aren't picking up the car."

"Means this is deep, deep, cloak-and-dagger territory. Could be if they stopped at a convenience store, we got a picture of the fed varmints. I'll put one of my interns on the local camera feeds."

"You need some extra protection, Sheriff?"

"Not for me. Not yet." Roy hesitated, and rubbed his chin briefly. "But for Xanya. She works at the diner. I just asked her to step out with me. The Saturday night barn dance."

Dante's eyebrows shot for the ceiling. "She's the portrait artist. White Fang is having her paint Pasha's portrait."

Roy raised his brows. "Haven't seen any of her work yet. She must be good if White Fang hired her." At Dante's very interested look, he added. "It's a recent animal-chemistry thing. Got damn well overwhelmed, and asked her out. Didn't want to, given our age differences. And..."

"And?" Dante's eyes glittered with amused curiosity.

"She's feline, a bobcat shifter. Never been relationship-tied to a cat before. Any advice?"

"Yeah, get to know her as a bobcat while in your human form. And," Dante grinned all too knowingly, "let her curl up against you whenever she wants."


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

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