Thursday, June 16, 2016

...the odd beautiful porpoise...

Howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

A reprieve from the sudden elevation in summery-high heat today on the tame prairie, given rainclouds sailed by, and there was a nice overcast. Yeah, I’ve been searching for an *affordable* high wheel lawn mower... I need some good paths through my jungly countryside yard. And my health is finally up to this kind of exercise. Although, I have to be very careful, and am far from being completely healthy.

However, it’s a quandary about the lawn mower because I need to spend the money on stocking up on food. A grocery store is not just a jump, hop, and skip, with the current *emergency--anything could happen* climate, it is simply wise to be as prepared as possible.

So, it looks like I’ll be getting some good help with the cover art for WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL...but that’s about three weeks away. In the meantime, I’m editing/revising the final chapters, and will be fine-tuning the manuscript for Indie pubbing.

What’s next on the writing schedule? Good question. I’ve got projects up the wazoo, one of them being BLACK CAT BEAUTY, which was published at Liquid Silver. I wanted to do a quick revision, then Indie pub...but life took a different not-good turn, and I haven’t had the time or energy.

Another writerly project is an erotic romance menage tentatively titled: Wild Card Woman... my heroine ends up in a future Earth timeline with six sex-starved cowboys.

Anyway, I’m considering trying out an idea. That is, offering WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL here on the blog—in addition to the regular ebook vendors—for a dollar less in price. The ebook would be in PDF, and after making a paypal payment, then I’d email the book to you. But we’ll see.

Also, given my severe time limitations these days, I’m just not up to penning a new Flash Scene...not right now.


HOWEVER... this story idea just popped into my head...

The small private cove was ideal. The turquoise ocean, brilliant with late morning sunshine, lapped the white-sand beach. Cushioned by the hot sand, her naked body soaked in the life-giving rays. Serenity gradually replaced the severe stress she’d been under for the past year.


She’d never been one to turn tail and run... that was before HIM, the creepazoid who’d stolen her inheritance...almost.

Now escape felt good, given the con man extraordinairre had been sentenced to a long prison term. Okay, his brother had vowed revenge. But so what.

Listening to the soft crash of the waves, she stretched. Lazily, she settled into a new position on her thick towel, picked up her adventure romance novel, and leaned back against the beach pillow.

Even immersed in the story, she glimpsed the porpoise from the corner of her eye. Kind of hard to miss, the splendid creature swam back and forth, as if he or she wanted attention.

Since Mr. or Ms. Porpoise continued to glide close enough to the shore to be easily seen, she gave the sea mammal her undivided attention. Good gosh, how large was he?

Her eyes widened as the porpoise’s coloring dramatically changed. A sheen of vibrant blue and emerald green covered his streamlined yet strongly built form.

The moment she squinted and stared, the odd beautiful porpoise halted his methodical back and forth. With a minimal splash, he turned, swimming in her direction.

Startled, she straightened, but stayed put as he slid through the shallow waters. Yes, her heart thumped noisily.

Whipping to the side just before the shoreline, the unique porpoise gazed at her with one exceptionally large eye—as if he took her measure. Even from this distance, she observed glints of blue and green in his eye, like gems thrown inside—and the ring of white around his eye that glistened like crystal.

What the...???! What kind of porpoise species was he?

She leaned forward, studying him intently. An instant later, she was jerking backward, and dropping her book. He winked at her, a slow deliberate wink—even an audacious wink.

Could that be?

Before she could react, the huge shimmery creature faced her. Using the undulating power of his magnificent tail, he moved onto the least, the first half of him.

Run? Stay? Run like hell? Stay and see what happened next? Paralyzed by indecision, she simply stared, and felt her eyes widen to saucer-size.


Wishing you romance on the wild side…  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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