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Easter Time Flashback ~ Running of the Buck Rabbits

Okay, these pics are just too bunny-cute...yep, on found Pinterest. 

Lusty Spring howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

This was a flash written during the 2012 Spring Equinox about Sadie, a rabbit shifter on a mission of sweet revenge.

HAPPY EASTER, Everyone. And as I said back on March 20, 2012... May Springtime bring you joy and a beautiful connection with our Mother Earth.

Authoress news and mews ~

Yes, I'm still doggedly editing/revising my SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION manuscript ~Waiting For a Filly Girl~ The Prologue – or I might change it to the first chapter – had been completed – I've had to do a bit of revising around that change... and because Keina and Drev's love story has been updated to Wolf Peak Territory, rather than Talbot Peak. Anyhoo, I wish it would all go much faster for the obvious reasons. However, life simply isn't cooperating too well, at this time.

Tagline: Ex super-soldier boy meets winged filly girl. Will they live happily ever after? In Wolf Peak Territory anything is possible.


Running of the Buck Rabbits

Competing with the raw green smells of Springtime, the fast heated blood of rabbit shapeshifters tantalized Dante's nostrils as they morphed to human form. Their rapid heartbeats called to his wild wolfen nature, and he mentally licked his chops.

Instead of giving chase, Dante merely shook his head as he observed the gathering of the two rabbit clans from atop an outdoor stand, disguised to look like it belonged to human hunters. Yip-yip awoooo, the first day of Spring, what else did he expect? When the bunny bucks turned March-mad with the need to hump and mate.

Only it wasn't the four strapping bucks who would fight for a mate on the vernal equinox of 2012. No, Dante had never witnessed this type of 'gamechanger' role-reversal between the sexes. Not once during his lengthy worldwide travels.

So, yeah-howl, he'd had a big paw in bringing it about, though, all to help the little bunny shifter, Sadie. She was an excellent server at the Midnight Stardust Supperclub. So, when she'd come to him with those big brown eyes of hers, and her sweet round face, asking him to keep the peace between her clan and another local clan, Dante hadn't been able to refuse.

Thank the Mother Moon, Blade Runner -- Talbot Peak's resident extraterrestrial rabbit shifter and Dante's good sparring buddy -- had been amused by Sadie's unusual request. He'd taken control the situation with his usual efficiency and elegant style.

Immediately, Blade Runner gained agreement on the rules for the Sadie Hawkins like event, meant to ease tensions between the two rabbit shapeshifter clans. With his carefully chosen team, he'd laid out the miles' long course through the surrounding forest, then placed observation stations along the challenging terrain.

Blade Runner had also appointed himself the official referee. There'd been little argument from the two buck clan leaders, especially after their mates eyed them. Dante had grinned to himself watching the wifely warning -- also the silent promise of mating pleasures later.


Sadie twitched her buns back and forth, shaking her invisible tail. She jogged in place preparing to run the course she'd already been over with a fine-tooth comb, and committed to memory.

Oh, tingly-wiggly inside, yes! She was absolutely aware of how the four Velvephur brothers eyed her assets, like a prime patch of carrots.

"Give it up, girl. You won't catch any of us," the oldest Velvephur shouted with an assertive arrogance that flattened her inner ears. "Besides, the Leap Year date has already passed, if you haven't checked a calendar recently."

Lettuce turds, he could be ultra annoying. Not bothering with an answer, or even glancing in his direction, Sadie halted her pumping legs. She flipped her long pony tail over her shoulder, then began warming up her torso with rhythmic waist twists.

"Even wearing that skintight pink racing suit won't help you, sweet cheeks," the next-in-line-brother taunted, amusement in his tone.

Yeah, who's going to look like the dumb bunny ass when I tag your ass? Unknown to everyone but herself, Sadie had trained with the dedication of an Olympic athlete, before she'd even spoken with Dante.

A steady supply of anger had driven each and every step during her long training sessions. Sadie had been insulted to her core by the Velvephur brothers' refusal to honor the agreement their clans had made when they'd been youngsters -- even though Sadie herself had no intention of keeping it.

From the corner of her eye, she watched the third brother smirk, and fold his arms as if all he planned to do was languidly lope his way to the finish line. He winked audaciously, then called out, "I might just let our hot-pink cutie catch me, if she promises to give up the tail pink..."

"Shut up, son," Clan Leader Velvephur cut through the still-chilly morning air.

The neatly spinning flash of Blade Runner's slim weapon aimed at Mr. Dumb Bunny, the Third -- as Sadie thought of him of late -- gratified her some. She also used his ego-stupidity to fuel her. Now the desire to win raged through her like a dry-grass prairie fire.

Sadie twisted at the waist facing the fourth brother, and the handsomest one to her eye. Admittedly, she couldn't get enough of his dark-chocolate soulful eyes, his waves of hair that were the same rich color, his high-jumper athletic build... but she also knew he was a humper, a Lothario-type of the worst order, even for a rabbit shifter. Everyone knew he kept a room reserved at the Pleasure Club, unlike his brothers.

"Anything you want to say?" She tossed her words like a bunch of tasty root veggies at Mr. Humper Thumper, then turned away.

She took a moment to grin. Even to her ears, her tone had been remarkably neutral with just that perfect slice-to-the-gut edge. Focusing on the course before her, Sadie felt her racing engine rev up inside. She loved it.

"Catch me, Sadie. Drag me across the finish line, beautiful tail girl, and I'll honor the marriage agreement between our clans."

A frisson of astonishment shot through her middle. Not so much from Mr. Humper Thumper's words, but because of his calm and enigmatic manner as he spoke them. There'd been a depth in his tone she had no time to explore.

Shaking it off, Sadie leaned forward, and positioned herself to launch into her full racing speed. After all, she had a plan, one forged in the ice and fire of her wrath.

"Ready, gentleman rabbits," Blade Runner intoned. "Once the point of my dagger touches the ground you're off and running for your bachelor's freedom." He paused for dramatic affect, his wand-like blade twirling rapidly between his fingers. "Once I retrieve the dagger, Sadie of the Windflower Clan, will be chasing your un-furry tails." Blade Runner paused again. "As has been agreed by both clans, the outcome of this event will end all enmity."

Like everyone present, Sadie fastened her gaze on Blade Runner. With a precise and artful flip of his wrist, he sent the dagger high into the air. She stilled, tensing. There was no sound as the glistening silver dagger succumbed to gravity, the point aiming for earth.

The dagger struck with sweet precision. From her peripheral vision Sadie watched the four brothers sprint across the start line. By their early speed, and their dash for the brambles, she figured they now suspected or sensed her intention to hunt them down.



Sadie Exacts Her Revenge

Hunt them down like a relentless slayer, and exact her revenge on the four Velvephur brothers -- to that endgame, Sadie trained her gaze on the dagger.

The very instant Blade Runner leaned over, and swiftly pulled it from the ground, she leaped forward like a jackrabbit. In a few bounds, Sadie hit her stride racing on the course. No need to hurtle through the thick brambles.

Soon enough her Velvephur prey would have to use the main trail. In the meantime, Sadie focused on her breathing, on the running rhythm of her body. Even the Springtime scents of the forest that usually delighted her, and sent her pulse into overdrive, were placed in the back of her mind.

Keeping one eye for any loose stones on the trail, Sadie settled into a fast pace even though she ran up a long but moderate incline. First on her list would likely be 'dumb bunny ass', or the second brother, Zevion. Only because she knew he was the type of runner who started slow, and picked up speed close to the finish line.

She smiled inwardly at the sounds of their bodies crashing through the underbrush not far ahead of her. Strong to her rabbit ears but minimal to a human ear, Sadie easily followed the four brothers' progress.

To her 'somewhat' surprise, Dhogon, the oldest Velvephur, zigged and zagged between a stand of birch trees, then darted onto the trail. So like the overbearing, son of a buck to play hero for his brothers.

She'd show him! Glee burned deliciously through Sadie as she sprinted toward her target. Like a pair of ripe plump turnips his butt was the perfect invitation.

Oh, Mr. High and Mighty Buck made an impressive dash for it, but all of her training kicked in. On a high that made her feel as if she floated, Sadie dashed faster. Catching up to Dhogon, she passed him, then flashed her foot backward -- rabbit style -- just enough to thump his shin squarely.

Down he went. She heard his human flesh thud on the hard-packed trail. Glancing over her shoulder, Sadie watched him tumble backward in an ungainly heap.

Woman-doe power! She silently celebrated as she sniffed for her next Velvephur victim. Supercharged on all the organic carrot juice she'd been drinking for the past several months, Sadie resumed her racing stride.

Ha, her luck held! There was 'dumb turd ass', not thirty feet from her. Zevion emerged fast from between two huge huckleberry bushes. Gaining the trail in a single bound, he took off like the hunted rabbit he was, and the chase began.

Sadie bore down, flattening and lengthening her stride. Her fury at Zevion's refusal to even give her the courtesy of refusing him as a mate, fueled her feet. Before she knew it, his prime onion butt belonged to her.

Matching his speed, she stretched toward her target. Then, with enormous satisfaction, Sadie sank her teeth into the meatiest part of his ass. Hard. Crunch!

Zevion squealed like a girlie bunny, grabbed for his injured butt, then nearly stumbled. He slowed immediately, out of the running. Triumphant, Sadie sailed ahead of him, and felt the big smirk on her face.

As she watched and listened for the next Velvephur, her on-the-inside smile couldn't have been wider. So far, she was on revenge-track, and the lettuce leaves looked greener with every pump of her legs.

Determined to have her full measure of retaliation, Sadie concentrated on negotiating the course. The rough stretch she'd entered snaked downhill. Not far ahead of her, the trail curved sharply, and she couldn't see beyond the outcropping of rock.

However, about a quarter of a mile beyond the outcropping -- midway through the course -- the two other brothers, Dhirkon and Zulian, would be forced to run on the trail instead of staying inside the thickets.

Feeling like super bunny girl, still Sadie checked in with her body. Her blood hummed in her ears nicely, and her heart thump-thumped with a healthy rhythm.

Two down... two to go. Sadie rounded the curve, and seeing neither Dhirkon, the jerk-on, or Zulian, the notorious humper, she searched the dense forest with her gaze.

Elder pine trees lined the course now, so the brothers could remain hidden a while longer. Plus, the deep bed of pine needles lessened the sound of their footfalls.

With a suddenness that stopped and started her heart, Mr. Dumb Bunny brushed against her side. Dhirkon bounded in front of her, acting as though he could outrun Sadie easy as fresh spinach pie.

No way, alfalfa hay breath! Sadie set her jaw, narrowed her eyes, and charged after him. Mentally, she saw his raised white tail, and with her arms moving back and forth like a track runner, she increased her speed.

With her tunnel vision aimed at Dhirkon's Roma-tomato butt cheeks, Sadie closed the distance quickly. Obviously, stunned by her ability to catch up to him, Dhirkon weaved back and forth, frantically attempting to shake her off his tail.

Take it like a man-rabbit, Sadie scolded as she watched for her opportunity. Anticipating his next jag to the side, she shot her hand between his legs. Within an instant, she gripped his two hot jelly beans.

After giving a fast squeeze, she let go. Mr. Dumb Bunny fell to his knees, the crack of sound audible.

Got to hurt. Sadie jogged past him, taking enormous pleasure in the way he protectively folded his hands over his breeding equipment -- and the stricken, down-a-few-ego-sizes look on his admittedly handsome face.

Surrender my tail pink to you...never! Not in a million zillion years.

With a mental shake of her head, Sadie refocused on the last Velvephur brother, Zulian. Ahead of her about fifty feet, Mr. Humper Thumper raced flat out on the part of the trail that slanted upward and turned to stone.

Oh, yes, did she have a sweetpea plan of revenge for 'dark chocolate eyes', several in fact -- depending on his action or reaction to being hunted down. With her breaths a bit labored now, Sadie sought her second wind as she chased him and assessed his speed.

Carrot tops! He must have done some of his own training, unlike his brothers. With her stride still flowing and easy, Sadie followed keeping pace with Zulian.

She'd need to make her move soon, though, to beat the ungallant, youngest Velvephur to the finish line, and teach him and his clan a lesson in proper chivalry.

Reaching deep down inside, Sadie gathered her remaining strength. She let her done-wrong wrath surface full force. Her feet flew beneath her, on the wings of sheer will.

She ran so fast it felt as though she'd entered some kind of trance. Nothing, no one was going to stop her.

With each stride, she gained on Zulian. Only about thirty feet from him, she rounded  the final bend in the trail before the finish line... smack! Hard smack.

Sadie collided with his hard-as-a-shield chest before she could put on the brakes. He'd stopped and turned. Now he caught her as she bounced off his well-muscled, too well-built human male body.

"What are you doing?" she garbled out angrily, then rubbed her now sore nose. "Ouch!"

"I'm letting you catch me, my sweet blossom girl." He kissed the tip of her nose before she could do a thing about stopping him.

"I would have caught you anyway... Mr. Humper Thumper." For some reason, she couldn't muster up the strength to step out of his arms, or demand he release her. Of course, her breaths chased themselves from her physical exertion... and...

"Humper Thumper," he drawled, hardly out of breath. "I heard you called me that. I'll admit to a few raunchy fantasies of you--"

"Shut up." Sadie stomped on his foot, even though she knew it would have little affect, given her soft-soled running shoes. "Oh sure, you can hump every other woman while refusing to hump me as your mate."

He leaned back so their gazes met. Those chocolate eyes of his seemed to search for her soul, for more...

"Wouldn't you have refused me as your mate, Sadie?" His velvety dark tone tickled her inner rabbit ears way too sexily.

Time for action. But first... "Who wants a mate who will mount every woman in sight... well, every woman he can take to the Pleasure Club."

Not waiting for an answer, Sadie grabbed his hand, and whirled around. She gave a good tug, then marched toward the finish line. Either he would follow her.... or not.

If he did, then she'd know.

Instead, Zulian captured her waist with one arm and hauled her against his side so her feet dangled. Like a swashbuckling pirate from her imagination, he strode toward the finish line carrying her.

Breathless, Sadie only had short time to appreciate his passionate manhandling. Because Zulian halted abruptly before crossing the line.

Given the rules, he had no choice. It remained up to her to drag or bring him across.

As he set her on her feet, Sadie smiled most wickedly, even as they faced each other. In full view of Blade Runner and both clans -- although they remained a discreet distance away -- Sadie launched upward on her tippy toes.

She planted a long impassioned kiss on Zulian's tempting lips -- a kiss that seared her down to her toes. Still, her resolve didn't fail her.

Ending their kiss, she sank down to her feet. As their gazes merged, she throatily challenged, "Your turn to chase me. If you want me for your mate, Zulian Velvephur."

Spinning around, Sadie stepped across the finish line, and hopped into a run.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


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