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"Your beauty has enslaved me..."

There are magical places in Wolf Peak Territory 

Happy St. Pat's Day howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Here's a nod to the wearin' of the green in the shapeshifter-supernatural world of Wolf Peak Territory. This is a flash scene I wrote last year with a bit o' revision to update it. Kynthia stars as the norse-goddess heroine, and Zhadus stars as her underworld hero with green-tinted skin.

Authoress news and mews ~

Currently the Kougar is penning a prologue to her SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION Manuscript ~Waiting For a Filly Girl~ Hopefully this will be more enticing as a beginning to the story, since speaks of LOVE, a mate entering the heroine, Keina's life at this time.

Tagline: Ex super-soldier boy meets winged filly girl. Will they live happily ever after? In Wolf Peak Territory anything is possible. 

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A man with green-tinted skin...

Kynthia touched a bare toe to the beautiful green shoots emerging from a large patch of snow. She'd never known such freedom to be herself, as she now enjoyed in Wolf Peak Territory, Montana. After a long luxurious stretch of her entire naked body, she inhaled huge breaths of the chilled morning air. Her lungs thanked her.

With a leap forward, she skipped down the rocky hillside, sparsely dotted by Aspen trees and pine. She headed toward a fast-running creek, sheltered by outcroppings of rock.

The creek ribboned gently and Kynthia had been exploring it of late. She enjoyed the singing rush of water, the earthy watery smells -- and bathing had become a happy adventure.

Kynthia played with any wild animal who deigned to trust her -- including the pools of fish. She'd arrived in the Peak to help her half Norse goddess, half angel cousin,  Kalindi. Of late, Kalindi had been overwhelmed at her ice cream shop with customers. Apparently, many Peakites possessed a special fondness for her cousin's menu of creamery delights. No matter winter's frigid grip on the land.

Of course, the hot chocolate concoctions were pleasurable beyond belief, and Kynthia always indulged in them while dishing up ice cream, and learning the art of making hot fudge sundaes. Today, since it was that silly, snake-charmer saint's day, they'd be serving mint green treats of every kind.

Kynthia especially enjoyed serving the children, and teasing them so that smiles appeared on their lovely little faces. Bored and tired of being put on 'marriage display' by her well-meaning parents, she'd fled to her cousin's aid. Besides, the blue rain god, who claimed Kalindi as his lover, had been demanding she acquire more assistance, and remain with him for longer periods of Earth time.

Hearing suspicious splashing, Kynthia moved along the smooth-rock edge on silent feet. On alert, she listened to the slip, slide, and splash of water as if someone else  bathed in the pristine creek.

Who intruded on her nature playtime? Being a goddess with her own set of powers, Kynthia felt no fear as she rounded a pebble-covered curve. Already her palm itched and sizzled with electrical pulses, with the force and fire of lightning.

Startled, enchanted, Kynthia gulped in a great breath, and became still as a doe scenting the wind. A man with green-tinted skin, and elfin ears, stood in a deep whirling pool of water that hardly covered his hips -- yet hid his manhood from her sharp eye well enough.

He sluiced water over broad, gorgeously formed shoulders, over a  chest Kynthia now unabashedly stared at, and wanted to feel against her awakening breasts. Hunger for the Brivioch stranger, an underworld race, welled up inside her like an artesian spring.

As she watched him bathe, smooth his hands over his upper body, her woman's need spiked, no, speared inside her with an insistence she'd rarely felt. Captured, enthralled by the man's sheer handsomeness, the sensual artistic picture he was, Kynthia waded into the swirling waters.

At that moment, he turned and bent over.  Carnally, deliciously stunned by the sight of his ass, by a glimpse of the living-muscled sculpture that was his back , Kynthia released a noisy whoosh of breath. Again, she stilled like a curious cat stalking an unknown.

Her gaze felt as if it slowly caressed his ass. Goddess help her, his emerald-tinted dark balls hung heavy, and were mighty in their size. How would they feel cradled in the center of her palm?

As if caught in a time slipstream, Kynthia didn't move, didn't reach out. All while temptation screamed her name. Relentlessly.

However, she knew little about his race. In the ancient days of the warrior-mage, Merlin, the Brivioch had been allies with the remaining Norse gods -- those of her heritage.

"Stranger," she uttered in a voice owned by desire.

He whipped around, droplets of water flying from him. Flames leapt from the depth of his dark, earth-green eyes -- the color of forest moss in shadow.

"You are here." He spoke as if he expected her appearance, and was almost annoyed she hadn't arrived earlier.

"Do I know you?" she haughtily demanded. Kynthia stood her ground, albeit she stood in cold frothing water up to her knees.

A grin slowly formed transforming his stern features to rakish. "Not formally, goddess of the Northern Lands. I am Zhadus, chieftain of my clan, the V'Quilreiy." He paused, his gaze scrutinizing her face. "Will you share your name?"

"I am called Kynthia." She honored him with her human realm name. Only. "Why have you waylaid me, chieftain?"

"Your beauty has enslaved me..."

"Truth." Her inner lightning sparked her voice. Kynthia clenched her hands to fists, halting her destructive, striking force.

"It is true." His gaze seared her with an earnestness she could not deny. "Your beauty enslaves me. Yet, I sought you out, Kynthia, to warn you and your people. Our ancient enemy arises from their stasis slumber."

"The demon vessels are loosed," she murmured. A moment of fear stabbed her chest as Kynthia envisioned the third-eye, wild-haired, brutish giants with teeth like arrowheads. They'd ravaged many an ancient land until defeated.

"Not yet loosed, goddess. They are being prepared to host the demonic ones." Zhadus offered his hand.

Without thought, Kynthia clasped her hand with his, in the knot of lovers. Bolts of pleasure streaked up her arm, then forked through her. "Yes," she managed though desire-swollen lips, "we are aware the demonic ones have arrived, an army of invasion. We are in battle preparation."

"As are we, and many others in the underworld."

His husky purring tone was like an invasion of her -- penetrating every fiber of Kynthia. She melted against his chest. Her breasts rejoiced as she rubbed them against his water-slickened skin.


Wishing you romance on the wild side…  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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