Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dante and the Templar Treasure

Hey, shapeshifter lovers, this blog was first posted at my other blog, TITLE MAGIC ... however, since it expands Dante’s character, and adds to the Wolf Peak Territory storyline, I am re-posting here...

Montana and Knights Templar In North America

Hi, Title Magicians, take a look at this utterly fascinating revelation about the Knights Templar and their arrival in North America. Yes, there's fabulous treasure involved. Beyond that, of far more interest to me, is the wealth of knowledge that has been lost to current-day society...knowledge that would lift us out of bondage to those who do not have our best interests at heart.

On a further exciting note, since this treasure of information is in Montana that means Dante, the alpha wolf leader of Wolf Peak's territory, knows about it, and has made contact with Templars, and the Blackfoot Indian Nation, who are guarding this profound treasure. Of course, he will assist in keeping it out of the big bad hands of the rich and powerful, who care nothing for humanity, and would eliminate all shifters and supernaturals--except for those they could enslave.

Templars in North America

Date:    Tuesday - July 12, 2016
Host:    George Noory
Guests: William Mann
Landscape architect William F. Mann is an officer of the Knights Templar of Canada's Grand Executive Committee, and serves as the Sovereign Great Priory's Grand Archivist. In the second half, he presented evidence of the Knights Templar in the New World long before Columbus, and secret settlements they built as they moved westward, leaving hidden treasure across North America. He discussed the history of the Knights, who he recalled beginning in the 12th century as nine individuals from wealthy French families who were charged with protecting pilgrims on their way to and from the Holy Land. Eventually, they became so powerful and wealthy that they were looked upon as a threat by both the Vatican and the French King, who attempted to arrest many members on Friday the 13th of November in 1307.
Mann’s research has led him to believe that a few prominent members of the order escaped prosecution and sailed for North America, carrying a treasure of gold and other artifacts that he estimates is now worth "about 10 billion dollars." Mann was quick to point out that the treasure cache would also contain many lost secrets of alchemy, philosophy and other ancient knowledge, and that he approaches the quest to find it as a duty and not a path to material wealth. He believes that the treasure is currently located in a cave in the mountains of Montana, and says he has visited the site, but not entered it. He is revealing these secrets at this time because he and others in the order believe that it may help the world situation to make people aware of ideas that can improve their lives and give them a more "direct relationship with God." 

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