Wednesday, January 20, 2016

...seduced by a wildcat shifter...

Icy-cold howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Yep, frigid one-degree temps hit my tame prairie a couple of days ago.  Fortunately, we're in the 20s now. On my trek back from the mailbox, I caught a glimpse of the young herd of deer who have been hanging around. And this morning, one of the young golden eagles swooped from a nearby tree, the moment I gazed out my window. 

Again, it's taken me the entire day—with plenty of interruptions—to pen another  flash scene starring Sheriff Roy and the Bobcat Beauty. This scene is from Roy's point of view. Please enjoy. 

btw, I haven't been able to find a suitable pic for Sheriff Roy. So John Wayne will have to do. ~grins~ 


...seduced by a wildcat shifter... 

Yep, a thunderbolt shot through his cock.


Nothing like being seduced by a wildcat shifter, Roy decided, given his big head still functioned enough to decide anything. By Xanya's expression, he realized downright quick she hadn't meant to use that sultry tone.

Yeah, the innuendo, but not that sexy, sexy voice.

Roy cleared his throat, and repositioned himself so he could view her face easily. Her high cheekbones were stained with a red flush, only making her more beautiful to his eyes.

As a gentleman Roy wanted to help Xanya out. 'Though, he wasn't certain how.

Damn sure enough, everyone at the table fastened their gazes on him, waiting for his reaction. Avid interest, to say the least, brightened their eyes.

Yep, the air blanketed him, heavy as his ram coat in winter.

"Thanks, ma'am. I'll do the pourin'." Roy spoke in his most respectful voice.

"Of course...right, Sheriff. Be right back."

Xanya's voice had been shaky around the edges. But she'd managed a dignified retreat. To his mind, anyway.

His sheriff and deputy candidates still trained their gazes on him, every single one of them. And their mouths were straining to keep smiles from forming. Dammit, their interest hadn't lessened, not one darn whit.

Roy gazed right back, leaning forward, but not so his elbows hit the table. "Ma'am," he addressed the one lady, "fellas, any more questions?"

"You said three townhall meetings, all of them streamed on RiseTube at peak viewing times for those who can't attend." Luke, a wolf shifter, and weapons expert, intensely eyed Roy. "Has Dante set up a schedule?"

"Not yet, the community net system is a bit twitchy," Roy answered. "And we're still making certain everyone who wants to be online is. Protectin' the system is another matter."

Roy paused, unable to avoid seeing Xanya load a tray with glasses of milk. What the 'f'? Did he have to go live in a cave, become a damn hermit? So her curvy gorgeous assets didn't tempt the bejeezus out of him?

"Dante's cyber team assures me," he continued, "it won't be long before all the gov and hacker bugs are squashed. Permanent like."

"These cyber boots are made for stompin'." Eliza, the lady bear shifter, sang in an amused tone. A martial arts fighter, and constitutional lawyer, she'd given up her human-world practice, to join with their supernatural community.

"Once Moonrise Lake and Wolf Peak Territory has a bonafide sheriff," Rafe, the cougar shifter cowboy began, "are we reachin' out to the Oathkeepers and the CSPOA?"

"CSPOA?" Xanya cheery-voice questioned. She busied herself placing their glasses of milk before them.

Given no one else spoke up, and all eyes turned on him, Roy drawled, "Stands for Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers of America."

"Ever heard of Sheriff Mack?" Eliza asked. "He's human."

" I know what you're talking about." Xanya made a show of setting his glass of milk and the chocolate syrup before him, but this time she concealed the seductress well enough. "Jess has mentioned him as a good role model for our sheriff. What do you think of him, Sheriff Roy?"

"A standup man who's fought the good fight, and has the people's best interests at heart." With a slow hand, he picked up the bottle of chocolate syrup, and swirled the dark liquid into his milk, as he'd always done when growing up.

Yep...Roy silently chuckled at himself...some habits were hard to break. 'Specially when Xanya's fragrance filled his nostrils, and her beauty corralled his gaze.

Dammit, anyone with a working shifter nose knew he was carnally perfumin' the air over Xanya—as she was for him. No hidin' it. 'Course, they weren't the only ones with desire-activated hormones. Thank the Good Lord.

And it was a darn good thing, Jess's hubby, Jackson Action, as he was known, had installed that industrial-sized air purifier.

"Everyone okay?" Xanya started clearing away the empty dishes as a chorus of 'okays' answered her. "Oh, and Jess said we've got gooseberry pie.".

"Slices all around?" Roy asked.

"A show of hands." Xanya looked around, taking count. With a last glance at him, she departed.

Those lovely eyes fired right inside him, sparking up his lust. Again.

Roy resisted squirming his dang butt on the chair. He'd never had that problem before. The woman was undoin' him.

"Right now," Roy spoke into the sudden silence, "Dante is explorin' whether to contact Sheriff Mack, given who we are. The CSPOA is a transparent organization, and we got our shifter secrets to hide."

"We surely do," Luke agreed. "Depending on who gets elected for sheriff... and those of us who are deputized..." he pulled in a breath, "what I'm sayin' is, Cody here is mostly human. He could make contact, and offer assistance outside of Wolf Peak. We'd learn the inside baseball on what's happening in the rest of the country."

"Yep. Not a bad idea." Roy nodded, thinking about the possibility of joining forces with the good-guy and gal sheriffs, and gatherin' intel. "We'll take it up with Dante. But first we gotta focus on gettin' everything straightened away here. And watchin' our behinds when it comes to Mayor Gilbert. I hear, from my sources, he and his Talbot Peak pals are still gunnin' for Dante and Daemon. They're claimin' to state law enforcement that they're being harassed."

"Harassed!" Eliza straightened as if she was about to jump out of her chair. Certainly flames leaped inside her dark eyes. "I know for a fact—friends still living in Talbot Peak—that's a bunch of absolute bunk."

"I know. I know." Roy held up his palm. "But they got some kind of vendetta goin'. I'm guessin' it's because so many have moved out of town."

"There's a glut of houses for sale," Cody piped up. "I was just down there, scoutin' it out, and talking with Dante's spy gal, getting the latest info for him. Nobody in Talbot Peak knows me, since I just arrived. I've known Dante for years," Cody explained when several of the others pointedly glanced at him. "When Dante left Talbot Peak to protect Kitty from his sire, he headed west. We met as bikers, and rode together until he headed off to Europe. But we stayed in contact all these years."

"That's the deal." Rafe picked up a fork, twirling it. "I was wonderin' why you two were so tight."

"That's the deal, Rafe, my cougar man." Cody trained his gaze on Roy. "Far as I was able to tell, bad blood is brewin'. The mayor and his pals are bad-mouthin' us. Any excuse will do, it seems. But they've got to watch their shifter hides too. I don't doubt they've made complaints to state law enforcement, to state agencies, against Dante. However, there's a little matter of actual proof...which they don't have."

"Yep, no proof." Roy set his darn tasty chocolate milk down. "Unless they decide to manufacture it.. That's my concern."

"Anything serious happens, it'll pop up on the state computer system," Eliza stated, her manner confident. "And we'll be able to expunge it right quick."

"Headin' trouble off at the pass. Always a good thing." Roy watched 'trouble' head toward them with a tray of sliced pie. 'Cause damn, he was in mucho trouble, wanting a woman probably half his age. Yep, more than he'd ever wanted a woman. His cock twitched mightily in agreement.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

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