Wednesday, January 13, 2016

To keep her fire-hot desire for Sheriff Roy...

Wintry howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Yesterday, on my tame prairie, I watched a young herd of deer graze in what passes for my front yard... what a treat, given I rarely see them. ~smiles~  

So, once again, it's taken me all day to pen this followup flash scene to last week's flash, Sheriff Roy and the Bobcat Beauty. This scene is from Xanya's point of view. I hope you enjoy. 


To keep her fire-hot desire for Sheriff Roy... 

To keep her fire-hot desire for Sheriff Roy from flaring out of control, Xanya busied herself, speedily taking and delivering breakfast orders. Thank the Big Cat Goddess, she could focus like a laser when needed. Plus, she truly enjoyed bantering with customers. And it meant good tips.

'Course, she kept Roy, and his meeting, in her peripheral vision as much as possible. His commanding presence yet laid back, respectful manner had fiercely attracted her from the first. That is, after noticing and panting over his 'tall-in-the-saddle' assets.

With his rugged handsome features, his strong chin, his piercing dark golden eyes... his yum-hunky, all man physique, he should have been starring in one of those old TV Westerns her mother was always watching. Good gracious-yowl, his chest was a block of carved granite.

Xanya loved a man's chest—running her fingertips, the feline claws she could morph down a chest like his...what was she thinking? She'd never seen a chest like Roy's...on further thought, she'd never seen his bare naked chest, not yet, except in her fantasies...although, he'd recently come into the diner wearing a long-sleeved, waffle-knit, dark gray shirt that had molded itself to the sculpture that was his chest.

"Oops, sorry," Xanya halted her quick steps just in time to avoid colliding with Jess, who was carrying an order.

"You're forgiven, honey. I'm that moony-eyed over the Mister. Good thing, he's in the office mostly managing the business stuff, or fixin' whatever needs fixin' around here."

Xanya could only smile her understanding as Jess swept past her, intent on providing good service. Happy customers meant repeat customers.

Collecting her thoughts as she picked up an order of the flapjack special for a table of four, Xanya steadied herself and tamped down her 'wanting to rage' feline hormones. After all, taking aim at the ram shapeshifter sheriff wasn't going to be easy. No, not at all.

Xanya didn't need to bear witness to his shifter side. She had a super-working predator's nose. The mountain air smelled damn good on him—all that pine and fragrant vegetation. To her nostrils outdoor scents were pungent, even in the dead of winter.

Earlier, the potent fragrance of Sheriff Roy's rutting passion for her twitched her nostrils.

"Here ya go, gentleman. Dig in." Xanya spoke as she set their plates before them, then loaded the table with various syrups and jellies.

And really, who cared if her sheriff was technically an herbivore? Her human father rarely ate meat. That had never presented a problem for her bobcat shifter mother, who still claw-madly loved her father. Their married love affair was mutual.

Besides, not only did she want to cuddle up against Roy, skin to skin, feel his large frame embrace her...but Xanya wondered what it would be like to curl up against his big ram body as her bobcat self.

"Orders up for the sheriff and his guests," Jill, one of Jess's daughters, called out.

Together, the two of them loaded the rolling cart, then wove their way through the tables. Having an excellent memory, Jill, who had taken the breakfast orders before the Sheriff's arrival—she now announced the placement of each plate. Once accomplished, they covered every inch of the large table with side dishes and baskets of biscuits.

"Refill, Sheriff?" Xanya singsonged, that is, once she filled everyone else's coffee cup.

"Thanks." Roy held up his mug. After she finished pouring, their gazes connected. But Roy put the kibosh on that quick enough.

Xanya flashed a grin at him, anyway, then asked. "Anything else, gentleman, lady?"

"We're good," chorused around Xanya.

"Just give a holler, if you need anything." The sound of folks hungrily diving into their food followed Xanya as she spun around, and departed.

Big Cat Goddess! Xanya heaved in several breaths. If she hadn't been pushing the cart, she would have been tempted to fan herself.

At first sight, she'd longed to paint a portrait of Sheriff Roy. The longing had been so ferocious—as she watched him speak with his nephews, Zerlo and Dilesco—that the painful pangs consumed her whole.

No sirreeee, bobcat...that had been no lie on her part to lure the tall, broad-shouldered sheriff into her feline clutches. Vivid images of her at her easel painting him had Xanya halting before she ran into anyone or anything.

Yeah yowls, she was most excellent at daydreaming. For moments, Xanya shook her head vigorously.

Regaining her focus, she moved toward the kitchen, and stowed the cart. As she checked on the next order, whiffs of Roy's carnal desire mercilessly teased her nose.

Sure enough, her hips responded, swaying with more sultriness as she carried two flapjack-loaded plates toward a mother and her young daughter. Xanya smiled widely, enjoying the child's squirmy enthusiasm. "Lots of whipped cream, just like I promised."

Once she left the table, Xanya wondered who else noticed her hot-to-mate scent, along with the Sheriff's. Although, to sensitive animal shifter noses, she and Roy weren't the only ones. That was for darn certain. Those human-undetected odors crisscrossed the diner.

Darn? she asked herself. I'm going country western already.

While she was no city girl, having grown up in an outlying suburb surrounded by a wooded area...and okay, her mother remained a devout fan of Western movies and books...yet now, living close to Moonrise Lake, she'd suddenly been  immersed in real Western culture...and like a hand stroking her cat fur, the culture was definitely rubbing off.

"Can't miss the sheriff's virility, can you?" Jess ribbed in a whisper as she passed by.

No, there was no missing Sheriff Roy's bold brand of virility. From the corner of her eye, Xanya saw one of his guests waving her over. Immediately, she wheeled in their direction.

"Any chance we can order glasses of milk?" A young, cougar-shifter man, who looked like a cowboy fresh off the range, asked. "We didn't notice it on the menu, ma'am."

"We never know how much supply we'll have," Xanya explained. "Today we've got cow and goat's milk on hand, courtesy of Kalindi's Ice Creamery shop. Everyone want a glass?"

"Kalindi has the best organic milk and cream," the one woman at the table enthused. By her fragrance, Xanya figured she was some kind of goddess-supernatural, similar to Kalindi.

"What would you like?" Xanya asked, then quickly took everyone's order. "Would you like a glass, Sheriff?"

"Add the chocolate syrup, and I'll drink a tall cold one." His gaze devoured her for mere seconds.

Xanya tilted her head flirtatiously. "I'll bring the bottle of the chocolate syrup, Sheriff. You can add how much you'd like. Or I'll do the pouring, and you just tell me when."

A loud silence enveloped Xanya. She knew why. Her voice had become seduction itself. Oh no!


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

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