Thursday, January 28, 2016

"What are you gonna do about that man?"

Wednesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Okay, warmer temps on the tame prairie for right now, at least. And even sunny skies today. 

So, finally got this week's flash scene written. It's a continuation of Sheriff Roy and his bobcat beauty, Xanya's love story. They do have a definite 'thang' for each other, alright. Their animal-shifter chemistry has been perfuming the diner. 

Okay, this flash is from Xanya's POV. 


"What are you gonna do about that man?" 

Xanya bustled back from the table of four she'd just served with breakfast platters fit for felines. They were Siberian Tigers, and rumor had it the four—two men, two women—were long lost relatives of Serghei, a WFF mountain of a man, who was an assassin working for Zhere Ghan, leader of the Tiger Yakuza.

Zhere Ghan's luxurious, isolated compound was located deep in a rock-infested, forested area, and his ninja soldiers patrolled the surrounding area in concert with Dante's perimeter patrols of Wolf Peak Territory. No one doubted the Ghan's criminal brand of ruthlessness. Yet, of late the elder tiger shifter seemed content to rule his empire, and let sleeping wolves and dogs lie.

As Xanya understood it, two years past Zhere Ghan had allied himself with Dante against a greater enemy, the Ophylus, a secret, octopus-tentacle organization devoted to exterminating every last shifter on planet Earth.

"What are you gonna do about that man?" Jess asked, interrupting Xanya's thoughts. She gave a nod toward Sheriff Roy.

Xanya couldn't help it. Despite her resolve, she glanced over her shoulder as Roy stood. He offered his handshake to the sheriff and deputy candidates who were about ready to depart.

Holy heat wave, he towered above most of the other male shifters. Sine she'd already collected their empty plates, and Dante had taken care of the bill beforehand...well, there'd been no need to return to the table.

Besides, Xanya decided it would be a wise move on her part to ignore Roy's presence. So she'd concentrated on doing her waitress thing.

Not that she didn't have seduction plans for later. Yeah, she always had those plans brewing for Sheriff Roy.

Yowls of desire! Oh, to sinuously wind around his handsome, larger-than-life frame as woman, yet like the cat she was.

Before Xanya knew it, several pants burst from between her lips. Getting control of herself, she flashed Jess a smile. "What do you think I should do about him?"

"Hunt him down, honey. Lick that big cowboy body of his... and—"

"Jess, got a problem back here," one of the other waitresses called from the kitchen.

"Right there," Jess hollered back. "Always something, isn't there?" Giving Xanya a wink, Jess spun toward the kitchen.

Determined to keep her distance from Mr. Tall, Broad-shouldered, Ride-Into-the-Sunset Handsome, Xanya moved toward the beverage station for a glass of cream-rich milk. Between customers, she was taking a much-needed a breather. Besides, Jess encouraged them to take breaks whenever possible.

Savoring, Xanya took a long swallow of farm-fresh milk. Oh yeah yowlsa, wouldn't she love to ride off into the sunset with Sheriff ram-man ... yep, perched in front of him atop the saddle... cuddled inside his big strong arms...

Xanya nearly whipped around, hearing Roy's deliberate yet light tread behind her. Somehow, she managed to force herself to remain still, even as every fiber of her stilled, stiffened with awareness of him. Even her inner bobcat ruff stood on end.

"Miss Xanya." His voice boomed inside her. Yet, he'd spoken in that quiet, deep way of his.

She turned toward him, alive, explosively alive in every little tiny cell of her. Clutching the milk glass way too tight, Xanya looked up and up, finally meeting his gaze—meeting dark eyes with banked fires just for her.

He'd removed his Stetson, and his thick, sandy brown hair had sprung to life. The golden-tipped curls on his neck tantalized her fingers. They tingled, itched to stroke through those curls.

To distract herself, Xanya twisted enough to set her glass down. "Roy..." she began. Good gosh, she sounded breathless.

"Miss Xanya, would you care to accompany me to the Saturday night dance?"

"Yes," flew from her lips before he'd finished speaking.

"If you'll give me your address I'll arrive for you. Like a gentleman should." He paused, his forehead knitting for a moment. "Unless you'd prefer to meet somewhere else."

Xanya fumbled in her pocket for one of her portrait-artist business cards. "'s my studio address. I live below." A rush of breath escaped. Finding her voice again after their fingers brushed, she continued speaking. "I...what time, handsome?"

"Dance begins at eight, Miss Xanya. How about seven, and we'll get a bite to eat. Your choice of restaurant."

Xanya had to smile. "Not much choice yet. Around here." She leaned back a bit, her posture becoming flirtatious.

"No." He cracked a small smile. "Town's still growing. I'd suggest dining at one of the Pleasure Club's establishments. But the tunnel isn't finished."

"No, it's not." Xanya gave her hair a shake, flipping the ponytail she'd tied back for work. "How about O'Malley's Gin Joint? I hear his place has steaks and fries to die for."

"O'Malley's it is, Miss Xanya. Been there a few times since Keirnan moved the Gin Joint outta TP. Hope you don't mind some of the rough characters that dine there regular."

"I have a big handsome sheriff to protect me," Xanya crooned, wishing like all get out she could run her fingers down his large, large chest. She clenched her hands into balls. "Have a favorite color...Sheriff?"

"Color?" Confusion glinted his eyes.

"Mmm." Xanya cleared her throat, hoping to lessen her sultry tone. "The color of my dress."

His gaze penetrated for an instant. "Match the color of your eyes. But truth to tell, Miss Xanya, whatever you wear will suit me...more than fine."

Slow and easy, Xanya let her smile take over. "Whatever you say, Roy. See you at seven. On Saturday. I'd better...better get back to work."

"Jess'll take a frying pan to me if I keep you away from servin' the customers." He spoke in a teasing tone. After sweeping his Stetson back on, Roy gave a tip of his hat to her. "Seven, Miss Xanya. I'll be dreamin' about it."

With that, he spun on his heel, and sauntered toward the door, his long stride making short work of the distance. Damn, and fan herself, his cowboy ass was just too fine for words. Xanya stared, her inner cat yowling appreciation—her cat tail slashing back and forth.

Yep, she was going to seductress-hunt him down, and lick her long, tall, naked, hard-muscled sheriff, until he begged to be hers. Xanya trembled all over for an instant, clinging to the edge of the counter.

Gathering herself, she pushed away. Oops! Xanya caught a glimpse of her nipples. Even through her bra, they stood large and proud, and made obvious points in the crisp fabric of her uniform.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

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