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Chapter Fifteen: Joined As Man and Woman

A Spring Roar from Zhere Ghan, leader of the Tiger Yakuza in Wolf Peak Territory, 

April-showers howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Here's wishing you a lovely springtime. Last night on the tame prairie, the April showers arrived...a good thing! And there are a couple of young yard bunnies who don't seem to be that frightened of this Big Cat. ~smiles~ 

So, here's an X-chapter which has been recently revised-edited from WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL However, love never goes smoothly...does it? Yep, now enters the enemy. 

Tagline: Ex super-soldier boy meets winged filly girl. Will they live happily ever after? In Wolf Peak Territory anything is possible. 


Chapter Fifteen: Joined As Man and Woman 

The primal urge to own Keina as his, only his, drove Drev as he slowly fucked her tight little pussy. Fucked her and made love to her. Both.

To gaze into her passion-delirious eyes, to witness her pleasure, and plumb the depths of her soul, nothing suited Drev better. Nothing.

Her small hands didn't let go of his butt. She clung, squeezing as he moved inside her. Damn, the prick of her nails sent hot tingles to his balls, let alone his ass.

Whatever had brought him to her, fate, destiny, the cosmic dance of chance, Drev didn't care. He wanted her in his world. He wanted her to be his world.

With the same deliberate tempo, he lunged his cock inside her pussy. Pleasure blistered him, so intense it was as if his insides were consumed by black smoke.

"What you do to me." Drev realized his hoarse words were barely intelligible. But it was in her gaze, that she understood.

"Carnal ecstasy," she whispered.

Her eyelids slipped shut, and Drev watched passion and pleasure transform her features.

The moment she surrendered to her climax, Drev felt it—that softening of her flesh, then the tension claiming her as she arched beneath him.

His orgasm cut a path from his balls to the base of his cock. Drev clenched his eyelids as pleasure swamped him. He thrust hard, his crown pushing against her core.

Explosive was his last thought before seismic waves of rapture shot up his length, and took hold of his loins. God.

"Drev!" Her shout of bliss heightened his orgasm, as did the frenzied sweep of her hands on his back.

"Keina," he ground out, once he fell from the ecstatic mountaintop.

Her daintily shaped legs wrapped around him, and she undulated so their loins fit together perfectly. Drev groaned with the sheer magic of their union.

For long moments, they remained joined as man and woman, his cock sheathed by her glove-tight pussy.

"You've done it, stud," she softly crooned, then loosened her legs. "You've tired this filly girl out."

Drev immediately dropped, hugged Keina, and rolled with her. He embraced her close as she snuggled against his chest. "Time for your beauty rest, my beautiful woman."

Damn, he couldn't resist saying that to her, even if it sounded corny.

"You make me feel beautiful, Drev." Her palm wandered over his shoulder, over his upper arm, smoothing, molding the shape of his muscles.

The soft sincerity of her words captured more of his heart, and Drev pressed a kiss to the top of her head. "Warm enough?"

"You're like a furnace." She rubbed her small cheek on his chest. "Yes, I'm warm enough."

Drowsiness owned her voice. "Forgive me, Drev. Flying here, then your stud magnificence..." She yawned. "How do you say it? I'm fading fast."

"Go to sleep, filly girl. I'm about to join you."

Drev listened to her breathing deepen, and become steady. Not wanting to disturb her, he waited awhile before changing to a more comfortable position, and cradling her in his arms.

Scenes from the moment Keina entered his cabin flooded his mind. Drev smiled.
Wherever she'd learned how to handle a man—well damn, he gave thanks.

He wondered, was it her realm's culture? Her upbringing? Or, the natural way women handled men in her winged horse world? Certainly, he sensed no intent to manipulate him in any harmful way.

Drev touched his lips to her wealth of hair. "I like it," he whispered. "I like the way you handle me."

More relaxed, and happier than he could remember, he drifted into a dreamless sleep.

Drev surfaced when rays of light from sunrise hit his eyelids. He'd added this section to the cabin, placing the window due east, so he could awaken in this manner.

He lifted his head euphorically aware of Keina half-sprawled on top of him. What a lovely vision.

In contrast to her pale skin, her cheek was flushed as if stained by a red rose. He sifted the long silken strands of her hair between his fingers.

Drev inhaled deeply, savoring. Her woman's fragrance mingled with the scent of their lustful lovemaking.

When Keina stirred, cuddling beside him, Drev decided to ignore the salute of his cock, and make them breakfast. Anything to make a good impression on her.

Carefully, he eased himself from her. Once he gained his feet, Drev turned and adjusted the comforter so she was fully covered. After a last glance at her gorgeous face, he moved to the open trunk that held most of his everyday garb.

Not a robe guy, he pulled on heavy duty jogging pants and the matching forest green sweatshirt. Still barefoot, he took care of business, then padded toward the rocket stove. After adding more wood, Drev opened one of his large floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets.

About to pull out a package of oats, he heard Keina shriek. Whirling, he raced for her.

"No!" she yelled, shock and fury in her voice. "Go away! Leave me alone!"

With his adrenalin spiking, ready to do battle, Drev grabbed the door frame to maintain balance. Using his grip as momentum, he hurtled inside the bedroom.

What met his gaze stunned him.

An oddly attired man, his legs showcased in blue tights, stood at the foot of his bed. All Drev saw was a long mane of coal-black hair. Keina clutch the comforter like a shield.

Drev charged. His only thought, kill the intruder.

"Drev, wait!" Keina shouted. "He's not—"

Barely aware of her words, Drev launched to tackle the man, take him down—incapacitate the bastard, whatever it took. His arms captured nothing but air
Drev bounced off the edge of the mattress. He landed in an ungainly heap. Leaping to his feet like an enraged puma, he spun around, his gaze searching the room. "What the hell?!"

"It's only his image," Keina called out. "A mirror image he projected."

Mocking laughter echoed around the room, ending on a derisive snort.

"Who?" Drev backed toward Keina to keep her protected. As he watched for any sign of movement, his human hackles stood on end. The painful pricks warned of terrible danger.

"How rude of me, mere human," a man's voice sneered. "I am Prince Tretorff. Do you possess such a title?"

It clicked then, in Drev's *kill the enemy* brain. Keina's home realm, this was the Prince who had attempted to rape her.

Drev boiled, his blood replaced by red hot rage. Wanting to tear the fucker apart, instead he used his supernatural power to locate the unseen but psychically felt presence of the prince.

He edged backward, careful to keep his gaze noncommittal. That is, until he grasped hold of Keina's raised knee.

"No grand title. Consider me your personal nemesis. Prince."


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

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