Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fly Through the Gateway With You

Windy Spring Day howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

It's been a rough tough week, everyone. Thus, it's taken me until now to get a blog going.

I have managed to get more chapters of WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL  revised/edited, including the partially finished chapter featured below. This is a scene where Drev and Keina are getting to know more about each other, and learning how they interact as a couple. Plus, there are the extreme dangers lying in wait for our in-love couple. Stay tuned. 

Tagline: Ex super-soldier boy meets winged filly girl. Will they live happily ever after? In Wolf Peak Territory anything is possible. 


Chapter Thirty-two: Fly Through the Gateway With You  

"The whipped cream. How could I forget?" Drev returned from his walk-in cooler, having placed the leftovers inside. He headed for his counter-top fridge to retrieve the carton of heavy cream.

"Oh yum!" Keina called out.

"Yes, yum." Drev smiled at his Keina's eagerness. Moving to the freezer, he reached inside for the stainless steel bowl. After taking the beaters out of the bowl, he shoved them onto the mixer.

"Ready." Drev switched on the mixer. "Set." He plunged the beaters into the bowl. Go."

Keina obligingly poured in the cream, and within minutes peaks began to form.

"Honey," Drev directed. "I'll say when to stop."

Keina squeezed the honey bear, and swirls of the dark golden liquid blended into the whiteness of the cream.

"Okay, that's good. We're quite the team. The vanilla powder." With a nod, Drev indicated the container and the measuring spoon. "One spoonful will do it."

"Coming right up." Keina neatly sprinkled in the vanilla. "Why powder instead of liquid?"

"I prefer the taste. Almost done." Drev gradually powered down the mixer as the peaks stiffened. He raised the beaters out of the whipped cream, then dipped in a spoon, taking a taste. "Sweet enough for me. How about you?"

Drev offered Keina a bit, watching as she tasted the puff of cream from the spoon he held. Stop, he ordered, as an image of her licking whipped cream off his cock surfaced. Not now! Later.

Besides, he liked their companionable intimacy.

"Sweet enough." Keina smiled as if she knew he fought his libido.

"One for you." Drev handed her a beater to lick. "And one for me."

" good. Have you ever added apple brandy?"

"No." Amused, Drev had to grin as he took hold of the beater she'd licked clean. "We'll do that next time."

"You won't be disappointed," she flirtatiously bantered.

"That brings up a lot of possibilities like cherry brandy or orange liqueur...or any number of flavors." Drev spoke as he put both beaters in the dishwasher. "We need a tray." He reached into one of his lower cabinets and pulled out a large one.

"Lots of yummy flavor possibilities. Ever taste carrot wine?" Keina set the slices of pie she'd placed in dessert bowls onto the tray, followed by the silverware.

Drev beamed a smile, enjoying their simple exchange. "No. But I'm game."

"You're not a turkey," she teased. "As in a game bird."

"Yeah, I got it, sweetheart. I can be a turkey at times." At Keina's look of confusion, he clarified. "It's a 1970s expression for someone who is being difficult—acting too silly. Don't ask me how it originated."

Lifting the bowl of whipped cream, Drev raised a questioning brow? "The whole bowl or should we top off the pie now?"

"The whole bowl." Keina spoke without hesitation. "Sometimes the whipped cream runs out. And, I'm not going to say, right now, what the erotic possibilities are—"
"No, don't," he interrupted. "I'm already snorting and pawing inside like a rutting stallion."

"Think apple and pumpkin pie," Keina flirtatiously encouraged, as she picked up the tray.

"That's a mighty big tray for a little lady."

Drev reached to relieve her of the loaded tray. However, his filly girl pulled it away, a mutinous expression on her face.

"I know you're being a gentleman, Drev. But I'd like to do this." With a minimal flip of her hair, Keina walked toward his bedroom, her step careful given the length of her gown.

"You're the boss mare." Drev called after her in a lighthearted tone. Yup, women were a strange breed at times. But he didn't care. He'd adapt.

Figuring it would make a good picnic-like blanket for the top of his bed, Drev headed toward one of his storage chests to retrieve a quilt. He'd been collecting them, along with blankets, ever since deciding to prepare for the worst. That is, if he was ever without heat in winter, or needed barter items...well, he'd be darn glad he'd stocked up.

But hell yeah, Drev knew his life was about to get real damn interesting. Beyond his libido, he buzzed with go get 'em excitement. Smiling at himself, he shook his head.
Yep, relationship challenges ahead. No way around it. That was life. First though, he had to romancing rope his winged horse woman.

Drev tucked the quilt under his arm, and strode toward the bedroom. Okay, he'd definitely re-read Jonathan Gray's "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus."
In this case, Keina actually was from another world-dimension, a different society. That required a greater understanding on his part.

"Middle of the bed, stud man?" she asked, as he entered.

"Yep. Let me spread the quilt first." Drev shook it out, then placed the colorful crazy quilt on the bed. "Keina, sweetheart. What is the name of your realm?"

"Planning an inter-dimensional trip?" she quipped. Keina set the tray down, pushing it to the center—an enticing sight that had Drev ogling her.

"Someday. I want to fly through that gateway with you, filly girl."


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

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