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Meet the Villain, Prince Tretorff

No, this is not a likeness to Prince Tretorff... however, it was the best I could find. 

Sunny Spring Day howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Yesterday I watched three older fawns graze in the pasture and in the yard...first time that's happened... then several days earlier, a whole brood of baby turkeys stopped by, with mom, of course... that was a first too on my tame prairie... and the yard bunnies, one of them doesn't mind being only three of four feet away... and just now, when I went out into the yard, a large long black snake went by... yeah, I get the shivers, but he/she is not poisonous, and not threatening... so let Mother Nature and her critters thrive as long as they're no danger. 

Anyway, several more chapters of WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL has been revised/edited, including the one chapter from the villain's POV. Some say don't include the bad guy/gals POV in a romance novel... but, why not? Especially when it sheds further light on what the heroine and hero are facing in their battle to keep true love. 

Tagline: Ex super-soldier boy meets winged filly girl. Will they live happily ever after? In Wolf Peak Territory anything is possible. 


Chapter Twenty-two: Prince Tretorff, In a Silent Rage 

In a silent rage, Prince Tretorff stomped through his private chambers at court. As if he challenged another stallion, he flung his hair and stretched his neck.

How was he to know Princess Svonj would be protected by a dung-hole of a human male? Yet one who had engaged his superior genetic attributes. Most Earthers remained cut off from the true power their ancient-enhanced genes yielded.

Upon his return, Tretorff had spent a day's worth of time abed, recovering. To his eternal embarrassment, he'd been forced to summon one of the court's Mage-healers. After enduring pokes and prods, the Mage's incessant questions, then drinking the rejuvenation concoction—an insult to his palate—Tretorff had fallen into a restless slumber.

At least, he'd been spared the worst pains while returning to full-stallion vigor.

Haunted by his temporary defeat, Tretorff vigorously shook his head. Even now, the human's dung-disgusting stench seemed to fill his nostrils.

He curled a disdainful lip. Before he was finished with her, the Princess would walk at his side, an obedient mare to his will for her. That he swore as Oath.

Tretorff smiled, a merciless twist of his lips. He knew the precise technique to tame the princess's teeth-baring—her kicking defiance. Between wielding the whip effectively on her bare flesh, and the dark potions he could procure, Princess Svonj would agree to be his bride before one and all.

How easily he envisioned their day of matrimony—a lavish entertainment, attended by everyone of importance—and presided over by none less than the King of the realm himself.

With a loud dominant snort, Tretorff came to an abrupt halt before his grandly carved door. Given the court favors he was owed, there'd be no obstacle in convincing several of the strongest men-stallions to assist him in his destined capture of Princess Svonj.

First and foremost, the King must remain his ally. To that end, Tretorff strode from his chamber. He'd attired himself in finery that would remind the King of his status and wealth.

After presenting himself to the secretary of social engagements, and careful to keep his bearing noble, Tretorff strode inside the King's receiving room—a rather understated affair with few impressive furnishings. Fabrics the color of a deep red rose covered various stylish and resplendent chairs, and the throne itself.

However, the most splendid feature was the enormous stone balcony overlooking several, elaborate walking gardens, and the sprawling grasslands beyond. The King, tall among the men-stallions of Equirion, surveyed his kingdom.

One hand on the balcony wall, which was the near the height of his waist, King Zhvorc appeared to be enjoying not only the vast scenery, but the morning breezes. Scents of seasonal blooms, trees heavy with fruit—and the rich appetizing smell of the nearby oat fields—gently whirled throughout the open-air chamber.

Tretorff couldn't help but savor as he halted in the center of room. He placed one booted foot forward. "Your Grace," he began.

"Good," King Zhvorc interrupted. "You have not kept me waiting, Prince Tretoff." As he spoke, the King spun around to face him, his simple elegant robe whipping about his ankles.

Tretorff immediately performed a perfunctory bow at the waist. Upon his rising, the King's gaze speared him as if they battled in a ceremonial jousting tourney. And again, Tretorff was reminded of the King's kinship to Princess Svonj. Indeed, her paternal uncle. While no identifying characteristics could be observed, a similar fiery spirit torch-lit their eyes.

However, the Princess's sire reigned in the countryside, and kept a goodly distance from his older brother, and the court—far away from any manner of political intrigue or neck-bitingconflict.

"I am advised you have recovered fully from your unfortunate encounter while attempting to convince Princess Svonj to become your bride. Is that true?" The King spared not a breath. Demand rang in his voice like the noontime bells in every town's center parkland.

"I am recovered. Fully, of course. My adversary was beyond the usual human male in his fighting ability. What is referred to as a super soldier, as is my current understanding of Earth culture."

"I see. Yes. You are not aware of this, Prince." The King's countenance became both somber and formidably intense. "Of late, there have been three attempts to invade Equirion from Earth."

"Invade." Staggered by this revelation, Tretorff could only remain as motionless as a deeply rooted tree.

"The use of various portals by clandestine and dangerous groups on Earth has become ubiquitous. Thus far, repelling these attacks has been of no consequence." The King paced, his hands clasped behind him. "You should know there was an ulterior motive in banishing Princess Svonj, one she had no knowledge of—even with her mind-glimpsing power."

"Ulterior motive? If you will please explain, King Zhvorc." Tretorff carefully schooled his expression to appear neutral. He hadn't realized the Princess's mind powers were of that strength.

"My niece is notorious for being able to take care of herself, as you have experienced. She is also a magnet...or I should say her devotion to the realm naturally brings her in contact with enemies of our world." The King paused, turning to direct his gaze at Tretorff. "She is what was known as a Guardian Filly in our ancient times."

"The ability to smell trouble even when not downwind." Tretorff spoke his dam's often-repeated saying.

"Precisely. I believe Princess Svonj has discovered information crucial to the protection of our realm. As you have indicated, she is in the company of a human super soldier. Benign or enemy, we must know more about his kind, who his masters are, and their invasion plans. Thus, I have concluded the princess's return is imperative. The question becomes, is she simply reluctant to return with you for private reasons, or has her will been stolen?"

Quick on his hooves, Tretorff leaped on his opportunity. "I believe this super soldier has the princess captured beneath a spell of hypnosis. Or perhaps, a mind control technique, as I've heard it spoken of. Certainly, a narcotic substance could be used to subdue her will."

"Yes, possible." The King stroked his chin, pondering. "Although, the princess has never been one for such delusional substances."

"By your leave, Your Grace, I will immediately engage the assistance of several others of warrior prowess, then immediately return to Earth."

The King leveled his gaze, and pointed his scepter. His eyes sparked with the inner force of his bold stallion nature. "If you harm Princess Svonj in any manner when retrieving her, I promise you will not enjoy the consequences. Is that to your understanding, Prince Tretorff?"

"Of course, Your Grace. I will allow no harm whatsoever to befall the Princess." Tretorff deliberately chose his words, walking the fine line of deception. "After all, she is to be my treasured mate."

"You will remember my final words, Prince Tretorff. I will withdraw my consent to your marital union with my niece if you fail to woo her heart. The contented happiness of our women is paramount to the stability and green-pasture prosperity of the realm."

The King's fiercely delivered words blew like a lightning-striking windstorm through Tretorff, and he nearly trembled like a colt. Still, as he bowed his exit, Tretorff smiled to himself.

Having studied medicinal and magickal potions for most of his years, he knew the very potions to use to rapidly tame the princess. Even should she continue to defy him, Princess Svonj would appear to be his euphoric bride.

Behind closed doors, her spirited defiance would provide him with extreme mounting pleasures. Tretorff stallion-bugled silently.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


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